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B96 Cares! Do You Know How To Answer You Child's Questions About Drugs?

Remember the “This is your brain. This is drugs. This is your brain on drugs. Any questions?” PSA from back in the day?

Well,if you are a parent, do you know what to say if your child actually comes to you with questions about drugs and alcohol? 35 more words

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B96 Cares! Help Children In Crisis

The mission of The Night’s Shield Children’s Shelter is to provide a safe haven to Illinois children in crisis.

They especially want to help sibling groups, that have been removed from their homes due to abuse, neglect and/or abandonment and to provide encouragement for their growth and development. 35 more words

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B96 Cares! Why Do We Need To Buckle Up While Driving?

Do you buckle up every time you’re in the car?

Illinois has a 92.6% compliance rate for safety belt usage.

If you can’t find a reason to buckle up, here’s a quick look at some of the reasons why people wear their safety belts.

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B96 Cares! IDOT Winter Driving Tips

When it’s snowing, ask yourself: Is my trip necessary?

If so, here are some tips for safe driving during winter storms.

-Don’t crowd snow plows! Keep your distance! 32 more words

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B96 Cares! Go Red For Women!

Go Red For Women encourages awareness of the issue of women and heart disease, and also action to save more lives.

Cardiovascular disease has claimed the lives of nearly 500,000 American women each year, yet many women were not paying attention. 53 more words

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B96 Cares! Why Orthodontists Are Important

Only an orthodontist has the training, the experience, and the treatment options to give you your best smile.

Remember, All orthodontists are dentists, but only 6 percent of dentists are orthodontists. 22 more words

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B96 Cares! Help Defeat Cancer

The American Association for Cancer Research needs your help!

The American Association for Cancer Research.

Leading Discoveries.

Targeting Cures.

Saving Lives.

Eighty-eight cents of every dollar you give goes to lifesaving cancer research. 7 more words

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