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Vaykheil & Psalm 18: Wings for Chariots

(This is the last of a series of posts comparing ideas in the book of Exodus/Shemot with related ideas in the book of Psalms. Next week I will begin revisiting some sparks in the ancient priestly religion described in the book of Leviticus/ 1,700 more words

My Teacher is a Watering Can: Metaphors and Autonomous Learning

Presented at the 48th annual meeting of the British Association for Applied Linguistics (BAAL), Aston University, Birmingham, UK on September 4th, 2015


In order to make sense of abstract thought, humans have developed a rich facility for metaphor. 1,257 more words


Jeremiah 7: At the Temple gate

Then Jeremiah went to the gate of the Temple in Jerusalem and accosted all the men coming in and out, saying to them, Reform! Repent! Praying in the Temple will not save you! 109 more words

Old Testament

Jeremiah - Chapter 14

Drought, drought and more *drought. This does not mean a season of little or no rain. It means several seasons of dry arid weather. The oddity of drought in this land can’t be avoided. 2,347 more words

Dr. J. Stark

Battling the Serpent

I love the movie Pacific Rim. For those who haven’t seen it, it’s about people in colossal robots fighting giant monsters from another dimension called… 1,740 more words


Under-Appreciated Monsters of the Ancient World #2 – The Devourers

It’s time for another under-appreciated ancient monster from antiquity – or rather multiple monsters – because today we’re looking at the Devourers (ʾaklm), demons from Ugaritian mythology who faced off against Baʿal Hadad, the storm-god and patron deity of the city. 799 more words


Do Witches Actually Have Power?

President Trump has been targeted by witches. No, really. The hexing kind. Evidently, they will be casting ‘binding’ spells each month during a certain phase of the moon. 1,483 more words

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