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Are "Dying and Rising Gods" Dead?

Recently I’ve been researching the mythology behind Easter (see my April 3 post) and thus also that behind Christ’s resurrection. When reading the literature on the subject, one inevitably comes across claims that Christ was just another “dying and rising god” of the ancient Near East and Mediterranean. 1,807 more words




The definition of suddenly is: quickly and unexpectedly!” There seems to have been a lot of that just lately!

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Jabez's Prayer

“The lich has gifted us with mayonnaise. This is an excellent gift.”

That ridiculously silly title was all thanks to a tumblr called “Out of Context D&D Quotes” it’s a silly website filled with many hilarious Dungeons and Dragons quotes taken way out of context and that is the perfect way to introduce today’s topic  823 more words


"The Name of GOD!"

In seeking ‘The Truth’ and keen not to be one of the ‘deceived’ that our Messiah warned mankind about, my studies brought me to the following:

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Faith Journey

Hadith Roman Urdu: to apne Baal na katwaye aur na Nakhun tarashe jab tak qurbani na kar le

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Umm Salama Radi allahu anha se rivayat hai ki RasoollAllah Sallallahu alaihi wa sallam ne farmaya Jiskey paas janwar ho zabah karne ke liye aur Zil Hijja ka chand aa jaye (ya jab Dhu’l-Hijja ka mahina aa jaye) to apne Baal na katwaye aur na Nakhun tarashe jab tak qurbani na kar le. 72 more words


Baal Worship: Fertility Gods and Leviticus 26

Parshat Bechukotai starts in Leviticus 26 verse 3.  We read the promises God makes if we keep His Torah and and then the threats of suffering if we do not.   735 more words