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Baal (literally “dragon lord”) are a race of Eldar dragon worshipers from the Draconian Empire of Urulokidor, and along with their Baalist wardum are oft called “Draconians”. 2,523 more words


Xohm, the Earthmother

In the Baal faith, the Earth Mother takes the guise of Xohm, mother of all dragons. She is said to appear as an enormous, gem-encrusted dragon. 192 more words


Mrmym, the Sky Dragon God

Mrmym appears as a fleet-winged silver-scaled dragon unmatched for speed who carries the messages of the gods. He is the patron of all birds, messengers, travelers, and honorable contests of archery and agility. 49 more words


Lance Wallnau

The lance is a pole weapon or spear designed to be used by a mounted warrior or cavalry soldier.

My employer requested to report on an app, call “periscope”. 272 more words

Day 62 - 1 Raja 15-19

1 Raja 15

Di kerajaan Yehuda: Abia (memerintah 3thn) digantikan oleh Asa puteranya. Asa menyukakan hati Tuhan ketika memerintah ketika Ia menyingkir kan berhala berhala dan kuil kuil penyembahan berhala yang ada di negeri itu. 344 more words


How Rotten Can a Country Get?

Imagine a country that was founded on the worship of the One True God and blessed by Him beyond all imagination. Imagine yourself to be a citizen of that country—one who loves that country and who loves God. 706 more words


Review: Bravely Second: End Layer

Be sure to follow the Start Button Review for future reviews! Tell me what you favorite job combination was!

Do you like it when your games screw with you? 1,197 more words