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Canaanite Mythology and the Bible

The Oxford Research Encyclopedia’s article Ugaritic and Biblical Literature describes how the Ugaritic (Canaanite) religion influenced the Torah (i.e. the old testament). Here’s my summary: 1,121 more words


Who is "The Son of Man"?

Chapter 7 of the book of Daniel that speaks of a powerful being who is given power over the earth by Yahweh himself:

Four great beasts came up from the sea… fourth beast dreadful, terrible, and exceedingly strong.

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Meeting Ronny van Baal

Ronnie van Baal – QuickDeck – Sky-Access


Cleaning House

In 2 Kings 10:1-31, Jehu goes to great lengths to destroy the idols that had crept into Israel. First he kills the royal family that had led Israel down the wrong path, including the children. 336 more words


Parek, The Knight Philosopher

It’s a funny thing. Everyone seems to think that the conflict between Heaven and Hell is about winning the war – but it’s not. It’s about perpetuating it. 251 more words

In Nomine

Was Baal Such A Bad Guy?

Just how many gods are there? Monotheistic religions like Christianity, Islam and Judaism will say that there is only one god. A Hindu would tell you that there could be as many as 320 million gods. 537 more words