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Hitchens contra Hitchens: the argument goes on

No public intellectual in recent history has received more attention or opprobrium for having changed his mind than Christopher Hitchens. One knows it to be a major event by the unfailing sign of the public talk being strafed with cliches. 2,745 more words


The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam Iraqi Victory Day Statement 2018 The Victory of Iraq in The Iran-Iraq War Was a Victory For All of The Forces of Islamic Socialism Worldwide

August 8 is a date that is sacred to aa true Revolutionary Baathists who followed the political line and heritage of President Saddam Hussein  and it is also sacred to   the International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam  and all of the Proletarian Muslims   and it should be sarced and  holy to all revolutionary Muslims with socialist and Communist idelgigical belief and leanings  as the war that Baathist Iraq Under The Leadership of Presdent Saddam Hussein wagged  against the facist khamainist regime in Iran was a war and holy jihad for the defense of the Arab Nation and homeland and the very  concept  of Islamic Socialism itself  President Saddam Hussein goin all the back to the time when he was Vice Presdent of Iraq in the early 1970s   along with the whole  the Iraq Baath Party had supported  Imam Khomenini and the struggle of the Iranian revolutionaries against the Shah of iran and his corrupt and pro Zionist government Imam Khomeini was also to write his  famous book on Islamic Government and carry out other political actives while under the protection of President Saddam Hussein and the Arab Islamic socialist  Baathist government  of Iraq. 456 more words

Communist Party of Proletarian Islam Statement on the 50th anniversary of The July 17-30 Baathist Revolution in Iraq

The period of July 17-30 is the 50th  anniversary of the glorious Baathist revolution in Iraq which transformed Iraq into a mighty Arab Islamic socialist state based on the principals of Arab Nationalism and the teachings of the great reovlutoonary Arab Nationalist Michael Aflaq which spread the values of Arab Islamic Socialism around the Pan Arab Homeland and beyond. 534 more words

The danger of Third-World-ism embodied in one dictator and shown in one film

If you take over a third world country when it has just become a country you are presented with a temptation seemingly irresistible. Given that its people have a minimal history of attending elections and a liberal constitution has never been heard of, you may, through same daring and charm, become its absolute ruler. 1,507 more words