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Humor in Muslim Heritage?

Written by Theresa Corbin

Originally published on OnIslam.net-

Did you hear the one about the Priest, the Rabbi, and the Imam who walked in to a bar? 1,318 more words

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Why 1001 Nights Isn't Your Best Multicultural Steampunk Reference

This week, I welcome two special guests to the web journal. They are Day Al-Mohamed and Danielle Ackley-McPhail, authors of Baba Ali and the Clockwork Djinn… 1,463 more words


Bon Voyage!


Sit back, relax and let Br. Baba do the talking.

Uel Isoc

Give these guys a chance with Kickstarter.

I never heard of Omar Regan, but have watched all the Baba Ali videos because what he has to say is cross-cultural, and he is funny. 114 more words

American Sharia

'Forgotten Virtues': introduction

Somewhere in our quest to become good believers, we became bad people.

We wanted angels to want our companionship, but in the process others started avoiding us. 99 more words

Spiritual State

RCM Banquet

Last weekend, our MIST team had the great opportunity of volunteering at the Roswell Community Masjid’s 3rd Annual Fundraising Dinner on March 23rd, 2013. The volunteers, Azka Iqbal, Dena Hassan, Mae Eldahshoury, Abdullah Budier, and Ibraheem Budier helped set up and clean up the tables, worked at the registration table, directed people to the prayer hall, managed the treasury, and also had the honor of presenting parts of the slide show to the audience. 65 more words