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Key Google Glass employee goes to Amazon

If you are one of they key members of Google projects such as Google Glass and are announcing that you will be leaving the company, it is only natural that you do so on your… 87 more words


Former Google [X] director and head of Glass Babak Parviz joins Amazon

Google X director Babak Parviz founded and led both the Google Glass and contact lens projects at Google, but it appears he has now left the Mountain View corporation in favor of Amazon. 281 more words


Former Glass head says Google's wearable not the "definitive answer"

Google X director and former head of Google Glass Babak Parviz said at the Wearable Technologies Conference that the company’s product is “one answer” but “not necessarily the definitive answer,” reports  217 more words


The Google's Connected Contact Lenses For Diabetics

Google launches smart contact lenses that can measure glucose levels through tears and transmit wirelessly to a device to help diabetics in their daily lives! 155 more words

Google Glass

Google Contact Lens | Ten Days Later

Google is becoming known for chasing after the innovations of more forward-thinking-tech-mavens. 

Ten days ago we here at L@FB told you about iOptik. Apparently, mentioning Google in your press release gets your tech-startup squashed. 128 more words

Google X employees meet w/ FDA staff in charge of biosensors, mobile medical apps

Bloomberg reports that a recent meeting between Google’s secretive Google X team and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration raises “the possibility of a new product that may involve biosensors.” While it’s not that surprising that the Google X team behind Glass would meet with FDA staff that regulate eye devices, it’s also said to have met with those in charge of diagnostics for heart conditions. 188 more words


Google Glass to enable Big Brother and Destroy Lives

Google’s wearable computer — “Google Glass” — records everything its wearer sees, whether the people in view want this or not. It already listens to your commands, meaning it can hear, and so audio recordings are no doubt on the “product roadmap”, as they say in software engineering. 856 more words

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