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Ra Ra Ra Ra

Talia LOVES mouthing off, especially at her daddy. She was having a go at him for about half an hour last night. Its really funny to watch. 32 more words



She sat at the doorstep
Looking at the lush stretch of mountains
She played her guitar
It synced to the sounds of nature
She felt a bit of love on her feet… 39 more words


Birth Story

Kaylee Marie McBrian // August 17, 2015; 11:33pm // 7lbs 9oz // 19.5 inches

So, I finally got around to typing up my birth story. The times may be a bit off because you lose track of time when you’re stuck in a hospital, but I’ll try. 736 more words



Hey guys! As you guys have clearly realized I have not posted in a long time. Honestly, I have no good excuse, but I feel like I still have to make one. 134 more words

Brandi Leeder

"Digital Distraction"

A thoughtful article about making time for books on the Harvard Business Review. Interesting the piece is filed under “Stress” section. maybe are less stressed out if we read more during our down-time? 282 more words


Tumblr Bonds: Seasonal Zodiac Signs

Hello September. Hello Spring. Hello school term that counts towards the entrance of my future. Hello summer uniform and hello shaved legs. If there is one thing I love about September is that the trees bloom in Leicester Road and we are 21 freaking days away from How To Get Away With Murder Season 2! 284 more words

The Adolescent Club


Hi guys!

So it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything on my blog and I’m sorry about that. I’ve been so busy lately with work and last week I travelled to the UK for a long weekend getaway. 185 more words