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The Ink Insight | My New Project

Hello, people!

So, I’ve been working on my latest website, The Ink Insight, for the past six months with a team of lovely girls who’ve helped me every step of the way. 229 more words

Daily Babble

Life Update

This past week has been insane. Long story short, I started going into preterm labor, and ended up in the hospital for the entire weekend. 255 more words


It happens in threes...I hope not.

A couple of weeks ago I was involved in a car accident, my rear drivers side quarter got hit by another car. Consequently, my car was written off which I was devastated about. 547 more words


A Confident Walk (of Shame)

Several times a week I leave my office and trek a few blocks to the convenience store for an iced coffee – or, on zombie afternoons, 5 hour energy. 579 more words


Illustrious Readers, Deviants and Preverts, Arrest Ye Forward Motion

By thine eyes be it seen today and all days ever hence, sentences shall be handed down and mockeries made (shabbily or worse) pertaining to divine creations, collections of letters and words, in short: books. 105 more words



This is probably an uninteresting picture but I’m impressed by my fridge lately. Several months ago my fridge was always barren. The only things I kept in there were staples like butter, we never ate eggs, milk, and junk stuff like pudding cups. 393 more words


General Noises of Frustration

Today starts with an early as heck doctor’s appointment.  I’ve had a miscolored area on my left leg for months. It started hurting, so I made a doctor’s appointment.  103 more words