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Every Summer has a Story...

Summer 1

She was leaving.But just for a few days.They were hanging out friends.He cried.She looked at him with heart full of love.She thought to herself if they could take 7 years of separation. 970 more words


3 Finals, 2 Essays, and 1 Wedding

So I might only be slightly freaking out because well…

Just look at the title for today!

I have 3 different finals each of at least 2 parts. 554 more words


Two souls alas! are dwelling in my breast.

As you know, the repair of my iPhone 5s had not been satisfactory at all and ultimately, this was the reason why I did not cancel the order for my… 521 more words


Cute writing circa IS 2009

This is how I used to write and it kinda illustrates how my mind is everywhere at any given time of day…

|| “Do you ever find yourself running out of things to say? 461 more words


Ramble me this, yadda yadda yadda

Like many other millions, I’ve encountered an urge to give up on seeking careers best suited for me because suddenly it seems as if everything I do brings me back to square one and I confuse myself tenfold. 319 more words


Blogging 101: Day2 Easy, peasy, lemon squeeze-y

Two days before finals and I am completely ignoring any and all responsibility bestowed upon me

I am tired, and a little sick, but I am still able to move from my bed to the sofa. 223 more words


Bigger is better

It’s now my second day using my new iPhone and while I still think it’s huge I get used to that faster than I thought. Everybody I had mentioned the size issue to and who already own a larger phone told me I would likely get used to it surprisingly quickly. 420 more words