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Marathon Eve Musings

There are plenty of songs about running, and about hard work, and about triumph and tribulations.  But sometimes just a phrase or a stanza of a song… 434 more words


the saturday workout...

I distinctly remember a promise I made to myself this morning. It was after I woke up but before I got out of bed. Before I showered. 210 more words


Playing field

After lunch I took Oskar and we walked over to the upper pool area of our condo. From there we had a nice view on… 99 more words


The Little Things

It’s another Friday and sometimes when the planets align and my internal chemicals balance out well, I just can’t help but have a cheerful disposition, even though I’m pretending to work. 200 more words



Yes, I know I have been way more frequent with my posts and yes, I am very, very happy about it. Now that I’ve finished school, I seem to be saturated in creativity and all sorts of time to try out new ideas or things that I’ve never had the time to do. 162 more words


I have a way with animals - or - there's still not a possum in my kitchen...

Long long ago at a table at a restaurant about 5 miles away I sat eating some chicken wings. I must have been eating them daintily because one little girl sharing the table with us told her dad that I looked like Snow White. 989 more words


Daily Hu: Happy April

Maret-April ini judulnya adalah bulan akhir penantian.
Di bulan maret lalu somehow i was very lucky, pas iseng cek tanggal e-appointment pas nemu ada beberapa tanggal yang available di april dan mei (initial date in July ’16 btw), jadilah akhirnya april ini bisa submit PR application. 179 more words