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Blogmas Day 7: Fun in the simplest things

Flash back to last blogmas where I was expressing how boring it was and how lonely I felt at times. This year  is a bit different guys; I am no longer feeling lonely and December hasn’t been too boring. 379 more words


Warning: Passionate babble below.

Writing is my number one passion. If I could, I would spend my time in a quiet cabin somewhere, And I would write to my hearts content all day (Not even joking) 343 more words


A short break later

Hello peeps,

I’m just dropping in real quick – I was on a small holiday with my parents and my brother from thursday till today. I came back home about an hour ago and have now settled on my  couch, catching up on a stream and am enjoying some chocolate. 162 more words


Stress shopping 😍

So this week hasn’t been one of the best but I’m staying positive 🎉 to be honest it’s been a bit of a roller coaster 😂 … 475 more words


Miss Fortune

Cursed is the girl who didn’t give up on the world when she realized it would eventually stop spinning.
Stapled against the dark backdrop and told to outshine the moon. 172 more words


What makes you happy?

Sometimes the simplest things can make us happy. Here’s a cartoon I did for Babble about a few of those things… Any other random/funny examples you would add?

General Life

Starbucks vs Dentist

The last time I’ve been to the dentist is… hum… maybe 2 years ago. Don’t make that face! I am still brushing my teeth. It’s just I did not go because… well. 608 more words