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Today I Prayed

Hello.  My name is Sonny and I am a momaholic.  I have always been around mommy and thought she was really fun, but when I turned nine months old I became more attached to her.   822 more words

Iron Turns 1 Today

Iron turns one today and… Wow, what a year it has been!

When I made the decision to blaze the indie trail and put my first novel out there for better or worse, I had pretty modest hopes. 1,072 more words


5 baby resources I will use with baby #2

Tomorrow I will be 39 weeks pregnant with #2 and since I have spent the last couple weeks (finally) preparing for this baby I thought I would jot down a list of resources or things that I will definitely utilize again.   522 more words


Beltline Blues and Roommate News

I love the Beltline. I love the art, the urban atmosphere, the market nearby…I love it all. So when my roommate mentioned going with a group of our friends the weekend before classes started, I jumped at the idea. 118 more words

Life And Such

I do not like who I've become

I have changed. Yes, in some good ways, but also in some incredibly tragic ones as well.

Since moving out of home I’ve been having more fun, letting go, putting myself out of there, and shedding some degree of my “introversion”. 152 more words



My life is a dilemma! To have a good day, that’s a dilemma. To have to deal with getting my kids butt moving to get to school and not let him keep doing this. 13 more words

My Thought....

I should feel bad - Real life babble

A post about something that made me laugh, could be uninteresting for everyone who wasn’t there (and it could be considered a bit mean), so you might want to skip this. 184 more words