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Hello world!

“Hello world!” what’s that supposed to mean? I’m most likely the only person that will read this blog, hence why it is totally anonymous, well sort of – I had to put the ‘mad wae it’ (ie. 264 more words



I know it’s there…this uncontrollable despair that envelops me in the darkness of his lair, it isn’t logical, it isn’t fair, for my life is in chaos without a soul in the world to care… 212 more words


Spa Day and Stuff

A couple of days ago, I bought and downloaded the TS4 Spa Day game pack and the patio stuff pack.  I really liked the Outdoor Retreat game pack, and the concept of the game packs in general. 1,197 more words

The Sims 4

'Businesses, Uni and a Short Film' 28.07.15

Hey loves,

So I’ve been unbelievably busy these last few weeks I don’t even know where to begin. First and foremost, winning Start up Weekend has been mad and boosted us into action.We’ve been given a whole bunch of scholarships, discounts, business offers, the works, to continue the idea and have been hashing out all the nitty grittys in a few meetings. 561 more words

Good Day!

Baby K has been talking a lot these days and seems to understand a lot too. He knows what ‘potty’ is and tells us when. Sometimes when he’s done, sometimes when he’s just about to and sometimes with time to get him to the bathroom. 130 more words



I did this a long time ago when I first started blogging, so I thought I would bring it back. Basically every Monday I will share with you my favourite songs/artists/bands of the moment. 356 more words


Lots of Crazy Going On.

I have no idea where to start on all of this insaneness taking place these days. I’ve had a political chubby for a couple months now. 1,074 more words