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"ON YOUR MARKS - Vir Das' Message for Kids with Exam results." on YouTube

This message by Vir Das sums it all!
Today as 1000s of children fall apart because of exam results, some suicidal, some depressed, please do share this video.Share and save lives! 53 more words



NOTE:  A friend just made the unfortunate mistake of referring to me as “bald”.  I reprint my response here, not just for my sake, but for that of my brothers. 705 more words



Whenever I get a problem I try to face it bravely, whatever it made be. However, I don’t care whatever the consequences I will get after. 137 more words


Goodbye and Hello

I’m a firm believer that when something stops being fun–when you stop enjoying it–its time to walk away. If its not longer something you feel passionate about or something that feeds your soul, its not doing you any good. 2,135 more words


‘Are we searching for the perfect story: why do we tell stories?’ 22.05.15

Why do we love to write? Why do we, humans, have this desire to document a flow of words that tell a tale?

Hello loves, as a creative writing major, I have to contemplate why certain novels… 804 more words


Noir Fiction

“Noir” means black in French. But I never nailed what exactly is noir fiction. I have associated the terms with mystery and crime fiction. But why a separate term “noir fiction”? 283 more words


War and Books

Yesterday I mentioned the rare copy of Green Light that I found in a garage sale. The disclaimer on the jacket about compliance with wartime regulations on publication provokes a little research on the subject. 263 more words