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I can understand the manic state that some writers enter when they’re desperate to put words on the page. It’s the only way to immortalize what you’re feeling or thinking at that exact moment in some tangible way, lest it be lost forever. 249 more words




  1. A powerful non-prescription sedative.
    1. works in two ways to reduce pain by remembering old days and by complaining about the current problems by comparing against the old days.
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Blood has many prices

17 people died in the Florida shooting. One post on Facebook said that since 1968 1,516,863 people died from guns in America.

There’s also a brilliant poetry on gun crime and America’s ignorance towards it. 522 more words


Little Miss Perfectionist Hates Editing

Editing and revising is the most stressful part of the writing process. I think most people would agree with that but if you’re normal, unlike me, you knuckle down and just do it, right? 377 more words


Notes > Quotes

I love to write notes, call it quotes. This was my first attempt about two years back, https://blahblablu.wordpress.com/2015/10/23/blahblah/   and I haven’t stopped. Here are the few recent ones…


Learn to listen

Hello, Can I speak To Mrs. Jones please?

Hi, Yes I’m speaking, who is this please?

Ah, hello Mrs. Jones, I am Dr. D.V., I’m just ringing about your test results… 493 more words

Creative Writing

My Few Travails With Romance Writing

I tend to avoid writing romance in my stories.

This is not a denigration of the genre as a whole. I don’t mind romance in fiction, nonfiction, what have you. 496 more words