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Today’s prompt is to choose a little-known English word and use it for a title. I chose two.

The Argle-Bargle of the Blatherskite
(meaningless babble of a chatterer) 123 more words


Unit 8 CONTEXT- The beauty of progress

It’s exactly 1:00 am as I begin to write this, I physically cannot get to sleep tonight, I’m feeling a bit sick. It’ll pass soon. 374 more words

Getting going

Mood follows action.

I was definitely not in the mood. The rain was falling. The wind was howling. The work day was long.

There was a rainbow. 91 more words


Fighting Bad Gut!

My struggle with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) became evident in the year 2016.

I used to have digestive issues like any other baby and my family would treat it using gripe water or pomegranate. 652 more words


Tying down progress

Did you every find yourself typing down progress – your own, I mean?

This doesn’t mean getting married, or getting a pet, or buying a car, etc. 337 more words


Woohooooo! The flowers are back!

Golly gee, I’m excited!

Because of flowers?!?!?!?

Well, sort of … not all flowers, I guess.

A special kind of flower – but rare? No. 44 more words


The Blue Saucepan

We threw the blue saucepan away this weekend.

There wasn’t anything special about this pan. Not really. It was dented and the paint on the outside was flaking and the handle was loose. 201 more words