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I’m in this weird funk where I don’t want to do anything, go anywhere, or talk to anyone. I just want to curl up on the couch under my fluffy blanket and watch trash TV. 206 more words



I started running again. I try to run every year when the weather gets cooler. I tend to run now until around March. Last year I didn’t, though. 452 more words


How long before we run out of new Instagram photos?

Insert infographics of  un-connected people in developing Asia.

Google loves to talk about this when pitching AdWords.


Putting the influence back in Influencer Marketing

The key idea here is that Influencers with a larger following may not necessarily be more influential than another influencer with a smaller following.

– incomplete – 7 more words


7 ways Influencer Marketing will change in 2017


  1. Real People – The novelty of an instagram superstar using products that you and I might is fading away. Audiences today engage much better with relatable figures.
  2. 79 more words

So you want to get into Influencer Marketing

You’ve seen the Salesforce survey of 5000 marketers showing that 70% of marketers intend to increase their spend on social media – and another 71% also referring to the mobile platform as the most important one. 228 more words


Zootopia is about what Conservative White people fear

Zootopia came out over the summer and blew everyone away with its metaphors for race relations in the United States. I just watched it last night with my children and I agree, it’s about race in the US. 1,621 more words

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