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Happy 4th

So I had to work a rough shift last night until 11… I was exhausted, annoyed and ready for bed. But then Dakota walks into the store and I instantly became happy! 104 more words

I've been gone..

So sorry I haven’t updated.. Ive probably lost a few followers:( But I have been extremely busy. As of now I work three jobs and I’m adding one more on July 7th. 87 more words

Letter to Babe - I can't stop thinking of you

These days I think of you almost none stop. Maybe it’s because August 19 is around the corner. One year has gone so quickly and yet so slowly. 751 more words


Rivka as Paul Bunyan

Paul Bunyan, usually accompanied by his blue ox, Babe, is a legendary lumberjack from North American mythology. Since he’s a folk hero with reported superhuman qualities, it seemed like a perfect fit for a Rivka cosplay. 40 more words

Queenie and Doll

When searching on line for family descendants it is very easy to give up too soon.  So I thought I would encourage you, and tell you to persist and to enjoy the journey of finding someone. 371 more words

Queenie Cockett

8 Money Saving Decorating Tips!

Everyone wants to make their apartment or house into the coziest and prettiest possible, I mean that’s everyone’s dream right? No, just mine? Fine! But I like to think that everyone wants to live in a place that is equal parts comfortable, personality and clean… some of us are better at this than others. 560 more words

Apartment Style