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Build your Financial Health @ the Financial Empowerment Center

YWCA Health Access tends to focus on serving the physical, mental and emotional health of women and families in Seattle and King County. But we also recognize the importance of and advocate for… 184 more words

Women's Health Outreach

Take the Test. Take Control.

National HIV Testing Day is Friday, June 27th.

When was the last time you were tested for HIV?

… Let’s back up. What is HIV? Here’s a really helpful… 392 more words


To be cured of HIV

For about a year, there has been much discussion about the possibility of a cure for HIV. Visit POZ’s website to learn more about the many different aspects to this conversation. 839 more words


Did you know?

What is Hepatitis C? How do you get it, and when is it important to get tested?

The CDC describes Hepatitis C as “a serious liver disease that results from infection with the Hepatitis C virus. 460 more words


You have insurance, now what?

Maybe you have never had health insurance. Or perhaps it has been so long since you were last covered that you don’t recall how to use your policy or what to expect when you do. 390 more words

For Residents

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Open enrollment through the Washington Health Benefit Exchange has come to a close, and lots of people living in WA have health insurance for the first time. Enrolling in health coverage was the first step! Now - how do we learn about how to use our health insurance to help us stay healthy? Public Health - Seattle & King County's most recent blog post shares tips on how to use your insurance, now that you have it. Read more below!

Air Pollution's Impact on Heart Health

Whether from exposure to secondhand smoke, living next to an interstate, cooking from a wood stove, or taking walks alongside busy intersections, most of us are regularly exposed to air pollution. 276 more words