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Cole [11 Days New] | Sterling, VA Newborn Photographer

I have so much love for this perfect little boy and his family. ┬áMeet Cole, my best friend’s little bundle of perfection. ┬áThis sweet little face, squishy cheeks and amazing head of hair are just too much to handle. 96 more words


Predicting Love

Love is never predictable. When we’re young, we think we’ll fall in love with the perfect specimen of boyfriendness or girlfriendness. We think someone we have a crush on will be “the one” and life will be filled with rainbows and unicorns. 626 more words


A Letter to All Pet Lovers (and my little Marley).

Dear My Little Marley, and All Pet Lovers,

Let me start by stating that I don’t know the first thing about cats, let alone kittens. I am not a cat person and if you would’ve asked me three weeks ago if that would ever change, the answer would be not in a million years. 1,465 more words

Eid Mubarak | Special Announcement!

A little over a year ago (April 29th, 2016), my hubz and I tied the knot! Now, we have some exciting news to share with all of our friends around the world… 234 more words

June 25th. I love it.

Another week, more fun friends.

First up this week, rediscovering Tumblr. I love it. Tumblr was the platform that I started blogging on back in 2010 and while I was looking for a very specific post, I did get to see all of my posts again. 266 more words


Abortion Destroys Peace And Equality

You cannot support the right of a mother to kill her prenatal child and still claim that you support human rights and equality. Abortion is the belief that some lives matter less than others. 19 more words