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So, do you want to have a baby?

 Ah, that question. That question that you get asked THE MOMENT you are married, maybe even before then. “Do you want to have a baby?” “When are you having kids?” It is never ending. 477 more words

Who am I again?

I want to tell you a little bit about me. Please do not think of this as a trumpet-blowing exercise; it’s just background to the story I will tell later in the post. 457 more words


There are many minutes of many days where I’m so frustrated I feel as though my brain might explode.

Sometimes this is because of my own inaction. 196 more words


Fracking Linked to Negative Health Effects in Infants, Study Says

Babies born to mothers who lived near fracking wells during pregnancy are more likely to experience negative health effects than babies born elsewhere, according to new… 364 more words

Brownie Holidays

Happy holidays from the Brownies, a.k.a. Pearl Mae and Séamus. Clearly, they handled this year’s Santa visit much better than the nightmare of 2014. … 44 more words


Day 95

The nursing strike continues…it seems the pumping and bottle-feeding will be our new MO. Everyone says “that’s fine,” but what they mean is “that’s second-best,” so it’s hard not to feel like a failure, and it’s hard not to take Jonathan’s rejection personally. 881 more words


Cup of Life: Gift Guide Part I - Babies & Kids

Hello my friends,

I am on the hunt! I’m sure you are too… for gifts! I start early… I always do! The thing is, how can you give someone the perfect gift if you only do it last minute?! 1,910 more words

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