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Mid-week mayhem

The wee babes came over last night to celebrate their Pappy’s birthday (after a busy day at the salt mine) so I don’t  have much for this post. 146 more words

USA Records World Most Babies- 17 Boys Born in 29 Hours

The world record of most babies has so far come from a single pregnancy.

“It was incredible” explains Dr. Jack Morrow who assisted the woman through the whole operation.” The babies kept coming and coming and coming and coming… Man! 117 more words


Cloth Diapering: This & That

This week is all about the options of cloth. Not all diapers are created equally and every mama has to decide what they like best. From diaper types to inserts – everything is customizable in the world of diapering. 860 more words


Newborn Sessions - Orange NSW

I love doing newborn sessions!!!  Seeing a newborn’s tiny fingers and tiny toes… squishy lips and cute little nose!  I love hearing their cute little baby noises and watching their little faces! 215 more words

so....yea that just happened!

I used to walk around the stores and see parents with their kids in shopping carts with covers on them. I always thought “really, your child needs a cover with a cushion, toys and its own cup holder”? 79 more words

The journey begins...

“Are we going to tell people what we are going through?” was the first question we asked each other when we decided to go down the IVF path. 398 more words

Babies and Religion

Why are Americans having fewer babies? You won’t get a holistic answer from purely secular sources (e.g. The New York Times), but here are some theories to consider.