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In the deep end

If every mother looked back she’d remember two very specific days. The first is the one where you realise EXACTLY how difficult motherhood is gonna be, and the other is when you realise you’ve been managing much better than you ever thought possible. 352 more words

Texas bill would fine men $100 each time they masturbate - CNN

The vast amount of uneducated bull that’s come

of those who represent us, allows this to come

up and make sense .

I will be sooooooo glad when transformed… 34 more words

Learning to Live in the Moment

This week was tough in the world of motherhood. I blinked and Finley has become much more independent, always wanting down to play with her sister, eating table food on her own, and she screams with frustration when I try to help her. 503 more words

Stabbing her earlobes

Yes I did it. Today we took little to get her ears pierced. She’s 8 and a half months so it is not like we did it right way- but she’s small enough she won’t remember right? 204 more words

Fall Family|Belley

I am so fortunate that I have clients that stuck with me through the thick and thin of learning and growing as a photographer. Tanya and Dylan are one of those families that started out as a couple with many loves that we had the same one of them being softball. 87 more words


20 days old

They’re getting so big! They will be three weeks old tomorrow. Next week I’ll be taking better pictures (or try to) and making flyers to find new homes for some of them. 15 more words