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Is It Too Late To Sleep Train?

My son, S, will be 11 months next week. We are still rocking, pacing, hushing and singing him to sleep. Not to mention putting him back to bed after he wakes up twice during the night. 239 more words


"I'm telling you... it won't stink!"

There’s a lot of advice you’re given when you’re about to become a parent for the first time. Most is unsolicited, so prepare yourself, but most of it is well-meaning and comes from a place of kindness. 427 more words


another morning.

so the night before last, I’ll admit I was probably a little on the cranky side. my husband had gotten home late from work and I knew he was tired. 477 more words

Moms do it all...

I bet the moment you read that you got some self entitlement. Damn right I cook the dinner, I get the kids bathed, I get them ready, I am with my kids all day long, I am a mom and I do it all. 457 more words


The Space Between the Glass Rod

Of all things it was a trip into town to buy a gasket to fix our leaking toilet that brought to me the terrible story of infanticide in Colonial Western Australia. 797 more words


Beyond the pink and the flowers

Long post alert. You have been warned.

My 6mo is fascinated with Oscar. Her face lights up when she sees Oscar. I am glad that at least one of them is showing interest in the other! 450 more words


Jesse, Heather & Jesse Ray

I had so much fun taking and editing these photos. I very much hope that I get to capture this sweet face again! And of course his parents too!