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This Is How We Share

Children are selfish. They live their little lives like we would often like to. Do what you want, when you want, how you want. Something breaks? 1,206 more words


Bump Date Week 13

I’m officially in the second trimester! Baby did quite the growth spurt this week, and I definitely feel it. From more round ligament pain to popping and looking pregnant now, I definitely noticed baby’s growth spurt. 488 more words

Family In The Making

My Daughter, The Slow Eater

Captain’s Log. March 20, 2019. 9:36 PM. Family Domicile. Eightieth entry.

Lady Fancy Pants like to talk about how fast she goes. She asks me to watch how fast she can run, how fast she can brush her teeth, how fast she can get dressed – she seems to think that she’s on an entirely different plane than the rest of us, and she is quite proud. 495 more words

Dad Life

"A (Shooting) Star Is Born"

Little Baby E was born to eternal life last week on March 11th. It was also his birthday, the actual day that we was born: March 11, 2019. 880 more words

Christian Faith

Three and fabulous

In some ways, I cannot believe that Darcy will be three tomorrow. That she has been earth side for three whole years–the most life-changing three years of my life. 725 more words

Let the children come to Me

Luke 18:15-17

Children are awesome little creatures, and some often say the most off- the-wall things that make adults go hmm. Those innocent little rascals have hearts of pure gold and toothless smiles that can fill sad hearts with joy in an instant, but sometimes their behavior merits necessary discipline to keep them reminded of their position. 530 more words

On Attachments and Love: Two (Un)related Vignettes

E stares at me from his spot on the bed and for a baby, his look is intent— It’s not curious, it’s not accusing, it’s simply steady. 461 more words