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One thing I wish I'd done as a new mom...

Human touch is an essential need. Many would argue that it is as important for us as air, food, and water. One of our most vulnerable populations that often are deprived of early touch are our infants, both those who are medically fragile and not.  1,178 more words

Healthy Living

Time’s Up Babe

People: What do you want to do later in life?

Me: I don’t really see myself as the career type. I just want to have lots of kids, maybe 5 and be an awesome Mum! 618 more words

Life Goals

Miscarriage Awareness

Did you know 1 in 4 women who fall pregnant either suffer a miscarriage, still birth or neonatal birth? I bet you didn’t realise how common it was right? 1,049 more words


What's in a Name (part 2)

If you are going to have a baby (it doesn’t matter whether this is your first, last, or anywhere in the middle), first pray, and then get yourself a pen and some paper, a book for naming babies, and start writing down some different possibilities. 630 more words


Be Willing to Learn|~5.25 mins

All too often, parents don’t allow their children to have an opinion, choice, or say in anything that takes place in their lives. Of course, the idea is for children to listen to their parents and do what their parents say without question.  493 more words


Answers to My Children's Dumb Questions

“Daddy, where do babies come from?” – “Mostly China and India… but, I hear Indonesia is catching up”

“What does my penis do?” – “Your penis functions as a de facto brain from your thirteenth birthday until you are forty” 273 more words