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Foods To Start With (and what to avoid)

This is an in-exhaustive area. Pretty much anything goes here but there is some guidance to pay attention to. Perhaps unsurprisingly, baby diets are not dissimilar to pregnancy diets, so you’re probably more prepared than you might think. 1,027 more words


Baby Led Weaning

There are very few firsts in life and by-and-large they’re done and dusted early on. Not so with food. Think of the last time you tried eating something new – it probably wasn’t all that long ago. 1,614 more words


Bird divorce

I suspect that perhaps Chi Chi was making eyes at Odie long before I arrived, but that no one noticed because no one else bothers to spend most of the afternoon observing/staring at them. 765 more words

Moving Home

a baby story.

My friends Mike + Tricia are just the sweetest pair. You know those people that are genuinely wonderful, truly kind, positive + loving humans? Yeah, that is this duo to a T. 387 more words


Nine Things I Learned in my First Nine Months of Being a Mother

My kid is nine months old today…. Nine whole months of mess, of magic, and a love I don’t think I will ever deserve. In honor of that, I reflected on my time as a mother and want to share with you (whoever you are) some of my biggest lessons so far. 1,004 more words


New Mom Life: Survival Schedule

After having my baby I felt overwhelmed with everything that needed to be done on a daily basis. I would forget to pay bills, my house started looking messy, I felt frumpy, and just out of control. 571 more words

Tending my fields: Advice

This is going to be weird, because I’m giving you advice about advice. :) At least when you become pregnant.

Here it is: Take it all with a grain of salt. 790 more words

Being Filled By God