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Best Eczema Cream for Babies and Toddlers

One of my littles suffers from Nummular eczema. He’s had two major eruptions that we believe were triggered after a bout with pityriasis rosea… 902 more words


He’s Walking!

My baby is walking 😭

He is officially a toddler now I am so not ready for this, I thought I still had some time, I thought I had at least another month, granted he is 15 months old now so most kids are probably already walking at this age but still, I wasn’t expecting it just yet! 160 more words


What the hell were we thinking of?

You think you add an individual at home as a term in an equation, but it turns out that this term is not a constant but an unknown term, and what happens when you add an unknown term to an equation? 284 more words

Pregnancy Emotional Rollercoaster

We’re on the final stretch of pregnancy now and at 33 weeks I have definitely been struggling with the same symptoms as the first trimester (crazy levels of fatigue, constipation, opposite of constipation TMI- Sorry! 436 more words


Holding Three Pieces of My Heart

The first time you hold your child is always a moment a mother never forgets. It’s a little extra special for mother’s with babies in the NICU because she has been longing for that moment since her child took his first breath. 1,070 more words



So finally, the news is out!

If you’re not interested in seeing bulk pregnancy and baby spam-I suggest you unfollow me now!

I didn’t start my blog until after I had Eadie-so being able to share my pregnancy journey is a new, exciting thing for me. 854 more words