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Breastfeeding and You!

I was working on compiling pictures from my phone for my Makeup Artist portfolio when I came across a picture of my son when he was first born…well maybe about 1 day old. 468 more words

How do you like my eggs in the morning?

Recently I’ve been toying with the idea of becoming an egg donor. Apparently there is a severe lack of eggs floating about. So many women are unable to have children of their own, due to a number of different reasons, some of which can be helped using an egg donor. 371 more words

Egg Donation


This post is to express my sincere wish to have ONE dinner not interrupted because I have to go wipe poop off someone’s butt!

I’m sure many parents have this wish!

That's a negative..

well that’s a negative ghost rider..the pattern is NOT full of babies!

Unfortunately my first round of injection therapy didn’t result in a pregnancy however according to my doctor it usually happens in the first 3 cycles. 347 more words


June 2015-New doctor and a new plan

We are skipping ahead here because this month is where my need for an outlet really became clear. I switched doctor’s to get a second opinion on things. 831 more words


Undercover cop

I sat staring at the wee plastic stick and saw the blue line slowly creep into sight… yup, I’m definitely pregnant. It’s a Wednesday morning and hubby is still in his scratcher (he still thinks he can get up and ready for work in a mere 9 mins). 554 more words