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#11 Friday Fun Fact - The Placental Microbiome

While we previously thought that the placenta was a microbe free zone, it is now clear that it is in fact home to a unique community of bacteria that most closely resemble those in the mothers mouth. 31 more words

An Ode to my Husband 

I am about to embark on a weekend away allllll on my own and this is the man who is making it alllllll happen:

My BFF of 18 years is having her baby shower this weekend and I am driving out this morning to spend three whole days with her and her ADORABLE twin boys, Gage and Hunter. 504 more words

Hot Mess

Today’s post is short & to the point ladies!

Do you ever feel like you have everything under control? Then do you only realize that you don’t have shit under control and you are the definition of a hot mess? 516 more words


The Blueberry 

May I just start off by saying this week has been a LOOONG week. I was suppose to have my first ultrasound on the 22nd. So being the anxious person that I am I was stressing. 419 more words

I see it.

This is my one year old daughter, Mila-Rose.

I know it sounds crazy- but sometimes I just watch her. I watch her play, giggle, smile, learn, talk to random objects. 1,418 more words


Diaper Rash... a simple solution.

Diaper rash is very common in diaper wearing kids. It looks like red bumps, pimple kind of thing that forms in the diaper area. For most it is not severe and goes away with diaper rash cream (Desitin, Proctogard etc). 383 more words

When 2 became 3. A birth story.

I love reading birth stories, I read so many when I was expecting my first.  Everyone’s experiences are all so different.  Both my labours although fairly similar were also different in many ways.  1,150 more words