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Name Challenge: Duggar Challenge - B

To lessen any confusion were gonna color code it again. Boys will be orange and girls will be purple. Our favourites will be indicated too. Minas by a ◇, and mine by a ♧. 483 more words

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I don’t understand how you’re so unable to accept facts. I understand your views and respect that you believe in something however when it’s no longer a blissful ignorance but rather a blatant disregard of facts it kind of irritates me. 490 more words


My Dog....

…reminding me daily of what lies ahead. LOL.

Expelling some bile while simultaneously playing fetch. Multitasking at it’s finest. A glimpse of what is to come right? 11 more words

While playing with his daddy, he turns to me, smiles, coughs, then spits up on my face. Then he goes back to playing with his daddy like it never happened. 10 more words