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Can't wait to butcher pigs!

I’m so sick of pigs! They get out everyday breaking fences and doors. Today they raided the chicken coop’s eggs. There were bloody egg shells and the hens were fighting over who gets to sit on the eggs the pigs didn’t get. 357 more words


10 months

Lindsey is 10 months old today! I know 2 ladies who are due in July & I keep thinking “this will be you in a year!” We are actually going to one of their baby showers tomorrow, so I’ll have a post up soon about the rainbow quilt I made for her. 691 more words


Excuse me. Do you know where the elevator is???

You ask four different people where the elevator is, after being unable to locate it every single time. And EVERY SINGLE TIME, you get different directions to each mystical elevator that only exists in the mind of the person giving the directions. 47 more words

Diaper rash miracle cream

Has or does anyone’s child have/had really nasty diaper rashes?  My girls got horrible rashes while teething.  I’m talking open sores and bleeding, it was pretty bad.  175 more words


The Lerman Family | Family & 3 Months

This new family is so precious! There was so much love pouring out between Becky and Jeff towards each other as well as Caden! Loved spending the evening with them! (:

On Planned Parenting

I find the phrase “planned parenthood” funny, because if you ask any parent they’ll probably tell you no amount of “planning” can prepare you for parenthood quite like having a child. 286 more words


Nutrients Help Kids Get Off To A Healthy Start

As we near the end of this month in which we honor mothers, it seems appropriate to look at two studies that considered the potential of supporting newborns’ health. 333 more words

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