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"I'm not a fan of nipple play"

Yesterday I went to The Baby Show in London with my mum.

We bought the tickets a fortnight ago and I was really looking forward to it as a beginning-of-half-term treat. 959 more words

Signs you live with children.

After you become a parent, there is no going back! Do you notice these signs? 386 more words


Before and during pregnancy..

I find it extremely difficult to comprehend how cruel a bitch fate had been. How unfair and completely fucked up is this. In my previous relationship of five years we used no birth control and I never fell pregnant. 488 more words


Baby #7 Eleven

Baby # 7 Eleven

Due date: 8/3/2017 or 8/14/2017

Back to Heaven: December 18, 2016

Reason behind the name: Because he measured 11 days behind and if you guys watched Stranger Things, Eleven was pretty awesome! 1,041 more words

Missed Miscarriage...

Missed Miscarriage….Two words I can’t seem to get out of my head. Since the doctor said them to me over a week ago, I hear it over and over in my head. 1,402 more words


Yes Space

A place to explore freely, an escape from “no”.

A Yes Space is an area for a child that is free from objects that they must stay away from or treat in a special manner. 734 more words