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5 Canadian families stranded by the federal government—and mine is one of them

I don’t get involved in politics on this blog—this is usually the place where I talk about daydreaming.

But right now Marcie and I find ourselves ensnared in a devastating situation, and it’s time to tell our story. 1,041 more words


“I just don’t understand how it happened”

“I just don’t understand how it happened”. She almost spits at me while my face becomes a little hot with embarrassment and everybody else around the tight desk suddenly finds an incredibly interesting speck of dust to stare at while ultimately avoiding my anguished glances for assistance. 2,735 more words

I started thinking about dinner this morning at 5am. Right around the same time my 9 month old daughter was kicking me in the back. I slowly rose from bed, changed her diaper and signaled to my husband to wake up just enough to make sure she didn’t roll off the bed. 267 more words


June 18th

Monday, June 18th, 2018

I found myself counting my blessings today.

My friend, Tiffany, and I had plans to take a walk this afternoon. We hadn’t seen each other since before we left for Hawaii, so we had a lot to catch up on. 277 more words

Black And White

Happy Imbecile

I hold the belief that it is generally very bad to be a willful idiot.

Ignorance is toxic, and so to choose to stay ignorant is the epitome of human irresponsibility. 692 more words