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Perfect Moments

The boys take a lengthy nap in the mornings, so I’m able to shower, eat breakfast and prepare for the day. Yesterday was not the smoothest of mornings, but we won’t get into that. 323 more words

6 months 

She did her first real crawl one day before she turned 6m old. I was getting ready and my husband was playing with her on a floor when she just started moving across the room towards our dog. 142 more words


Cherry on Top - Weekly Photo Challenge

The cherry on top, for me, is a photograph that I didn’t see coming. For instance, one afternoon I spotted a black bear eating grass at the side of the road. 34 more words


Vietnamese man adopts unwanted children to save them from abortion

Tong Phuc is an exceptional man, with an exceptional way of dealing with the rampant abortion rate in Vietnam: He adopts the unwanted children. Over fifty of them so far, to be exact. 192 more words


Paddy's Bathroom Review

A few weeks ago the lovely people over at Paddy’s Bathroom sent us out some of their bath time products to review. I’m only now getting round to doing the review as things were crazy busy here for the last few weeks. 374 more words

My 4 Breastfeeding Fears & How I Overcame Them

Breastfeeding is a sensitive subject for many new moms, especially among those who want to nurse their baby or feel pressured to do so but can’t or choose not to. 1,430 more words


And Now For Something Lighthearted: Marsupials Creep Me Out

Note: For this week, we’re dusting off an old draft that’s been chilling unfinished in the drafts folder since back in the dark ages of my second trimester. 685 more words