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ALERT: Russ & Daughters Makes A Babka Ice Cream Sandwich: Gothamist

This has to be wonderful and heart attack inducing. But as long as you’re there, walk down the block a little and stop in at Katz’s Delicatessen. 37 more words


Sweet summer lovin'

I’ve hated summer my whole life, dreading its arrival each year and distrusting everything about it, but over the last couple of years, be it cause I’m getting older and wiser or just having better summers, I’ve started to change my tune. 301 more words

Sweet Stuff

Babkoner of Leek

About her freshwater kin, I’ll cast no aspersions,

Or she’d poison my IrnBru, it’s Nicola “our only hope” Sturgeon!

I decided to use my opening photo reference for good rather than… well not evil but mocking nonsense as is my norm. 999 more words

Blueberry cheesecake babka

I haven’t blogged in a while… So naughty! But this babka is worth the effort! I was actually searching for a cheesecake babka recipe online to no avail in the midst of my babka obsession which has nearly passed. 316 more words

Eating with the Princess: Honey & Co.

Ages and ages ago, or so it feels, even if it was in fact April, the Princess and I finally made it to Honey & Co… 126 more words


Oh Mamka!

A direct lift, from Lucky Peach. The zine jumps into the box regularly, but rarely do I turn it’s enticingly sticky pages. Thanks to Ms. Stephenie Fu… 316 more words

The Good Egg gives great breakfast...

‘Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.’

Easy to believe on a sleepy Saturday when you’ve rolled out of bed and into something of the lick-the-plate-clean-it’s-so-good kind (heads up chorizo, avocado and waffles, this is your area) but more of a challenge when it’s a mid-week morning and cardboard cereal, tooth-melting yoghurt pots & dusty slices of toast appear to be your most likely options…hardly the greatest incentive for kicking off your day off in the best way. 704 more words

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