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a black sesame and milk babka and a chocolate chestnut babka

Sending emails is a bit nervewracking. Part of this is because I tend to overthink what I send in emails (I should apply some of that thinking to what I say in blog posts so they don’t all consist solely of: oh, I enjoy blogging + oh, I am a bit tired lately). 958 more words


Yeast Babka - Polish Yeast Cake

Babka is the name of a Polish cake. The name means grandmother and it is thought to refer to the the shape of the cake which is round and dumpy or tall and tapered and looks like the full and pleated skirts found in Polish costumes. 684 more words

Polish Cakes


Babka is the name of a Polish cake.

Babka means grandmother and refers to the round dumpy shape reminiscent of an older lady wearing a long full skirt as is traditional in many Polish folk costumes. 491 more words

Polish Cakes

chocolate almond babka.

hi friends!

i read an article in the l.a. times yesterday morning by amy scattergood called bread, one of life’s small pleasures. clearly, it really spoke to me. 693 more words


Chocolate Babka

JERRY: That’s the last Babka. They got the last Babka!

ELAINE: I know. They’re going in first with the last Babka.

JERRY: That was our Babka. 731 more words

Yeast Breads


babka is so fun to say. say it out loud right now! babka! vodka! latkes! all equally enjoyable to consume, and uttering each leaves the mouth wide open, ready to laugh or be stuffed with said fare. 721 more words

It's Christmas. Bake!

Have you all been keeping up with the Great British Baking Show? I LOVE it. Seems the season is over now (even tho the American version for Holiday Baking is on, but the show is not as good except for Mary Berry). 384 more words