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Baboon Stages of Life

Baboons go through many stages in their lifetime, the image below explains what happens socially and physically in each of the five stages of a baboon’s life cycle.


Baboon cheek pouches

In the shots above you’ll notice that baboons have a neat way of storing excess food in expandable cheek pouches.

I’m choosing to convey this… 20 more words

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The Leg Connection

An eye for an eye is a popular saying, but what about a leg for a leg? When looking at human and baboon legs there are a lot of similarities, including veins, nerves, and structure.  853 more words


Social Groups and Hierarchy

Baboons and humans are alike and different based on how they interact with each other in a community. 437 more words


The Greeting

A tender moment as a young female baboon greets an older female.  There’s a definite display of ‘deference’ when younger baboons greet their elders.  Female bonds remain strong throughout their lives.

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Where Baboons Come to Call

Muunze Forest Lodge at Glenlivet,

Masvingo, Zimbabwe

May 26, 2016

I had been dropped off at some arbitrary street in Masvingo from the bus headed to Harare. 666 more words