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Featuring Baboon Research

The following new research is shedding more light on baboon/gelada sociality and inter-species interactions:

Maybe We Should Try To Be Less Competitive

We’ve all been taught to be the best, the brightest, the fastest, strongest, etc., but what if this attitude isn’t good for your health?

I recently came across a study done on Baboons and the health effects of competitive behaviour in this documentary the BBC on Stress (keep in mind baboons share 92% of the same DNA). 67 more words


Tuesday 26th May – Day four – A Long Way Home !!

Up at 7am and the crater was again shrouded in cloud. I had looked at the map and worked out we had 270km of driving through the Ngorongoro Conservation Area and the Serengeti on rough roads. 388 more words

Bebeh Baboon Adopts Bebeh Bushbebeh. Wait. What?

And to make this video even better, the on-screen narrator has a cool British accent. Which totally makes sense, it being a UK UZoo video and all.

My family was attacked by a gang of highway baboons while driving across South Africa

My family and I were driving along the Garden Route in South Africa, one of the country’s many scenic wine routes, when we ran into some trouble with highway baboons. 792 more words


Feelin' Groovy in Portland, OR (littlejailbird's trip, part 2)

Today’s post is from littlejailbird.

Feelin’ Groovy in Portland, Oregon (littlejailbird’s trip, part 20

Dear Steve and Molly,

Thank you both for the wonderful day in Portland (March 26). 394 more words

The Baboon Congress