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Coffee Log, Day 112


Coffee: Organic Sumatra Blend, Trader Joe’s Brand

One of the customers is going to Scandanavia. Specifically, Norway and Sweden and Denmark. All three countries have kroner, he ordered some of each. 223 more words

Mini-Documentary: Baboon Edition

These are some baboons in Kenya.

This is a science building at Notre Dame.

This is my class getting ready to start their experiment.

This is Dr. 659 more words


The Final Product: Mini-Doc

As seen on the previous post, I will be creating a mini-documentary about the Baboon Seminar Class’s trip to Notre Dame on October 26, 2017. Now that our class has spent several weeks of hardship and difficulties(files were corrupted), the documentary was finally able to be made successfully. 439 more words


What's on the Menu?

Menus can be made to help better organize pages. To organize my portfolio, I have all my subjects nested underneath the Subject “parent” menu.  195 more words


Documenting Our Time

In October, our Honors Biology Seminar class went to Notre Dame to learn about baboons, which are the focus of our class. Mr. McNulty, Josh, Evelyn, Adam, and Isabella (me) took videos of our time there. 578 more words


It's Music to my Field Trip

In October, my Honors Biology Seminar class went to Notre Dame to learn about baboons and parasites. Our seminar class has a main focus on diseases in baboons and how we can use our knowledge of them to cure diseases in humans. 471 more words