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Safari #Africa #Uganda #atozchallenge

couldn’t wait to teach orphans

crafts, dancing and silly smiles

never quite expected

a safari after so many miles

so many exclamations

of beauty in this place… 75 more words


Lions and .... Monkeys "Oh My" #uganda #atozchallenge

“Here kitty kitty”

I whisper from my seat

looking very un-edible

I don’t rise to my feet

I can hear her breathe

she waits still for her prey… 113 more words


The Queen of Baboons

I understand today why Edgar Rice Burroughs or Rudyard Kipling has shown such a passion when writing stories about the life of some animals. These worlds are not so different from ours, supposedly more rational, and the morality they reveal can be beneficial for the evolution of our human conscience of the strangers worlds with which  we are supposed to coexist, but that in fact we still almost completely ignore. 1,241 more words



Given that no other animal on earth (besides humans) drinks milk after being weaned, it is bizarre that farmers complain of baboons stealing milk from dairy cows. 1,985 more words


This info has been taken from the following site: http://www.imfene.org/baboons-and-dogs

Baboons and Dogs

When baboons live near humans, they naturally come into regular contact with the pets of humans, including dogs. 522 more words

Natural Stress

Dr Robert Sapolsky is a gem.

As for the flourishing with the ‘nicer’ baboons, did they account for the effect of the more aggressive baboons having cleared out a relatively safe and unchallenged territory. 203 more words