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Once upon a time in Africa, people understood that us humans are not above all other animals but equal to them. And so the time has come for us to reflect on the past, present and look deeply to find a solution to the damage we have caused. 1,037 more words

Part 2: Namibia

The flight to Windhoek was short and mostly uneventful. Some flights required a bus to take you to the plane. As we were settling in our seats, another bus load of people came in. 623 more words


Africa - Misunderstanding Wild Baboons

A Researcher working in Uganda contacted me some time ago to ask if I could help her understand what was happening to the villagers in her area who had reported that the women were being “sexually harassed” by a troop of baboons. 279 more words

How to Fight Withdrawal by Running Away with Baboons

In my head, weaning myself off of caffeine was a thoughtful, health-conscious decision. Despite the loopy scribbles on coffee shop chalkboards across urban America, dark, slow-roasted brews do not flow from every crack in East Africa. 506 more words