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Blissful relaxation

Taking time out to be groomed, a young female baboon looks to be in a state of blissful relaxation.  Grooming is a part of the their daily routine and also strengthens bonds between individuals. 7 more words

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Dancing Out Loud: Name Calling

​If we cared less about most things, the world would be more peaceful.

Maybe we haven’t figured out what’s said in other Classes of Kingdom Animalia (our relatives), but I can’t imagine a baboon going around saying to an Impala, “dude, you are a giraffe”! 87 more words

Dancing, Thinking Out Loud.

The protective role of 'big sister'

It is interesting to watch young baboons act out gender roles.  The juvenile males rough and tumble and play fight while the young females practise an infant-protective role in their play. 42 more words

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Your Eyes Open

I am well and truly so done with filling my posts on how much I’ll miss the place I’ve just left. Mainly because I’m too lazy to write posts while I’m actually in said place, and only write when I have long airport layovers. 2,030 more words

Beho Beho Bushblog - Phil - 16 November

Waterhole Safari’s

Whilst we still await the rains our waterhole increases in popularity.

Representing one of the few sites where good clean water is still available, a “waterhole safari” can be a very rewarding way to spend a few hours! 570 more words



The Alpha-male; showing posture and status.

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Chacma Baboons: babies

Note the very young baby baboon in the shot above – it’s flesh is still very pink and it’s ears remain pressed to it’s head. 66 more words

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