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Here’s how influential baboons can be – they have digital natives questioning the value of social media.

A recent study of baboon behavior found that baboons like to hang out with their own personality types.   209 more words


#BlackLivesMatter: darothirdeyeopen1

Hyena Men

They are known to locals as Gadawan Kura hyena handlers they are traveling performers who sell traditional herbs, potions and charms. They use #hyenas, #baboons, and rock #pythons to attract and entertain crowds. 96 more words


Validation by a Stranger

Roy and his wife settled in Kenya in the 1920s. They met and married in India where their respective British parents worked with the Indian civil administration. 3,117 more words


Baby Baboons Born At Oakland Zoo, Baboon 'Troop' Booming

OAKLAND (CBS SF) — The Oakland Zoo’s population grew by two as baby baboons joined their ranks this spring.

“Kabili” was born first, on March 14th, and the second was born April 1st.   241 more words


Behind The Headlines

Header Image by Shriram Rajagopalan – Gelada Baboon in Bronx Park South, NYC

From the Baboons in the News department – a recent article about baboon mating got some play on multiple news outlets.   326 more words


My Life Changing Experience in Africa

When I was little you could often find me in front of the TV watching whatever animal documentary I could find that day. I’ve always been fascinated by animals and especially the animals living in the savannah. 964 more words




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no fire in the belly right now but some rumblings

there was a writers conference at phoenix college yesterday… 120 more words