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The Comedian by erezmarom

I’m very proud to announce my new ‘Earth, Wind and Fire Ethiopia photo workshop this coming October. Ethiopia is simply amazing and I highly recommend this workshop to people who enjoy close proximity to monkeys and very, VERY harsh landscape :) Check it out on my site web and if youre’re interested, feel free to contact me with any questions. 148 more words


Colorful Adventures on the Black Road

The rain waited until we got home after a day of adventure to start it’s slow cry.  It happily waited until the sun left the horizon begin it’s nighttime wail. 295 more words


Climbing the hillock

Yesterday I set off up the hillock behind the farmhouse. Well, I suppose at 1200m, it’s not exactly a hillock, and I can actually call it a mountain. 954 more words

A Memorable Visit to the Maasai

A two-hour drive (plus a stop for lunch) brought us to a Maasai village, though not without incident, as one of our jeeps got mired in the mud.   337 more words

Baboons climb trees

It’s quite a sight to see baboons perched up high looking more like birds  on a roost. But what goes up must come down: even though they are adept at climbing trees they spend most of their time on the ground. 80 more words


One Word Photo Challenge Baboon

This was an easy challenge, as I have lots of baboon photos from my recent trip to South Africa.  Although many are of the belief that a group of baboons is called a “Congress” (that explains a lot!), according to Animal Planet, the proper term is a “troop”. 44 more words

Photo Challenges

One Word Photo Challenge: Baboon

One Word Photo Challenge: Baboon

Okay, so it’s not a baboon – I was inspired by Jennifer’s “not baboons” (click on the link to see hers) but this green simian is the closest thing I could get to it. 18 more words