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IUI Cycle 3 Begins

I had my cycle day 3 appointment this morning. Everything looks good for this cycle. We talked for a while about my options for this cycle and our plan. 326 more words


I can reach!

I have learnt something that I think is AWESOME. I can pull myself UP onto things. Like cots, and couches, and tables. It’s fun. And then when I get to standing; I sometimes look around to get recognition, because as you know it’s hard to do. 166 more words


Welcoming Sister

Now that it’s warmer out Redflare is able to take Thunderer outside to wait for Superman and Little Miss to return home from school.

The baby hot-step goes into full effect as she charges forward to welcome them home.




“My Beloved, My beautiful treasure. How are you today?”

The little one blinked several times for the first time.


“Yes Beloved?”

“I —– I ——- can.” 710 more words


Die Sache mit dem Stillen...

Stillen ist wichtig! Hört man zumindest ständig. Und nicht umsonst ist Stillen eines der ersten Themen meines Blogs.

Über das Stillen habe ich mir, wie ich bereits in einem anderen Beitrag erwähnte vor der Geburt kaum Gedanken gemacht. 931 more words


Baby is Born!

I’m home with a baby! It’s been 6 days, since Baby K and I finally met. I finally went into labour on Saturday April 11th. (Skip to what no one told me about… 775 more words


The moment your realise your baby is a genius (as does every other mother in the world!)

First words, first steps, first eating of solid food, first solid poop! There’s a first time for everything and being a mother you get to see it all happen right in front of your eyes. 307 more words