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hello: samuel!

it’s a glorious day, kids, and do you want to know why? because i’ve got jonathan and melissa’s one week-old baby, samuel, coming at you on the blog!  391 more words


and then there were two

so, in the spirit of catch up, i guess i should start at the very beginning but since most everyone has already met gabriel and heard his amazing story, i’ll start at a different beginning. 596 more words

Life As We Know It

Deciding to have another baby can be a hard decision for any couple let alone those who have experienced such a traumatic experience with a previous birth. 

512 more words

The two of them

Where Lena had never missed legs day, Olly has never missed arms day. Strong arms! In motion even while sleeping! With claws! I didn’t see the point of the baby mittens with Lena, but Olly’s the reason those were invented. 395 more words


Emma Grace: 4.75 Years

Emma will be turning 5 in three short months! It is crazy to think that we’ve been parents for that long. And I apparently haven’t done an update on Emma since she was 4.25 years old, so there’s that. 1,099 more words


Her birthday is in T-Minus 8 days

Monday was a busy at work. Which I like. It makes the day go quicker! Scarlett did some singing with me and mom before bath time. 192 more words