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Surprise: Pip 3.0!

We are excited to announce that Pip3.0 will be here in March 2018!!I found out I was pregnant shortly after returning from Iceland. Something about those international waters, I tell ya ;) 359 more words


Jack - 9 months

It’s Jack’s first September! The beginning of one of my favorite times of year. (okay,  so I promise I wrote this in September and just didn’t get around to posting until October :P ) It’s too bad it’s been SO hot out! 482 more words


we're having a...

At my 12 week doctor’s appointment (which was back in September), my doctor told me that if we decided to, we could pay a little fee out of pocket… 940 more words

Being Sarah

Crazy weather

For October our weather has been up and down. We entered the month in mild conditions. At one point it was 20 degrees. Hardly autumn/winter weather, right? 258 more words


The Worst Experience of our USA Adoption: Part 4

Today is my fourth post on the worst experiences of our USA adoption.  You can read the first post here and the second one here… 923 more words


6 Fun Date Ideas for When You Have Littles with You

Spending quality time and having fun with your spouse is so incredibly important. But just because you’re married and you get to see one another every day (which is the case for… 896 more words


Seattle Birth Photography - Baby Francis

There is nothing more miraculous and more real than welcoming your baby into the world. It is the hardest work you will ever do as a woman and it deserves to be documented. 252 more words

Fine Art