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26 weeks 5 days ( 20 weeks adjusted) 

This is our last month of maternity leave, we start back to work on 2nd November. I am looking forward to seeing everyone and seeing as I won’t be leaving you you will be coming with me I don’t feel to bad I couldn’t leave you!! 287 more words


What will our child be like?

I walked briskly into the local cafe, stomach hating me and bladder recovering from having held it all in while stuck in traffic (gotta love holiday weekend traffic.) I gave up my lunch break to bring things to a close at the leasing office instead of eating. 442 more words


Make a Gift - I Spy Sensory Toy Tutorial

I’ve decided to start a “Make a Gift” series.  This is timely for the holidays, especially since I need to get started early if I’m going to get them all done, but I also want to keep track of these projects since I give them away and forget I’ve ever made them. 563 more words


Aidan's 2 Month Stats

My little man is 2 months old!! We had our well visit earlier this week and he is healthy and on track developmentally. We had to get a few vaccines (2 shots, 1 orally) which we recorded as a keepsake (enjoy…). 255 more words


Happy Birthday to our last baby

I’m taking a break from posting the last few days because of something special.

Today is our baby’s 1st birthday.

Our last baby
Our last first birthday to celebrate… 448 more words


Four Weeks...To Get Out The Door...

George is four weeks old today and has celebrated by rolling over on the bed and giving me a beautiful smile. Ok, so the roll might have been a fluke but the smile was real (he’s been doing them all week!) 552 more words