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Riding to Adventure

Thunderer decided that she wanted to watch what Superman was playing on his 3DS.

What better position than hopping on his back?

“What brother, go that way!” she seems to be saying to him… if he’s even noticed her on him. :p



How do you stop them from turning into Mean Girls?

With my eldest daughter’s third birthday fast approaching I’m beginning to wonder how you manage making them happy without turning them into spoiled brats?

We all love to see our children happy and for birthdays and Christmases to be magical for them but should we be more restrained rather than shower them with gifts? 232 more words


Pregnancy 2.0: 24 weeks

Size of baby: About the size of a garden eggplant, according to the Ovia pregnancy app.

Feeling: I’ve been feeling kind of gross lately (i.e., gassy), and I’m just going to blame it on Baby Girl growing and shoving my insides around to accommodate herself. 131 more words


Ways to help you sleep right during pregnancy

Having sleepless nights due to leg cramps, countless bathroom visits or heartburn? Don’t worry; we have listed down few amazingly useful tips to help you sleep more comfortably during pregnancy: 339 more words


Beaming baby bath range.

Recently i tried some samples from the beaming baby range.
These products are made out of 80% Aloe Vera witch is proven to help with nappy rash and they are fantastic for sensitive skin. 167 more words


Baby Boy Clothing Haul

What is more fun than writing about teeny tiny people fashion?  Shopping for them!

If you read my last post you know that I’m currently planning a capsule wardrobe for myself for the coming winter season (southern hemisphere – June through August) and I thought to myself, why not do the same for my 7 month old?  452 more words


I know nothing.

I exhaled, audibly, when I read this. Most of you know I have a strong love for the Today Show, so I’m biased when it comes to feelings on the anchors. 107 more words