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Deep breath in....it's half term....

It’s half term – thank goodness…I think. At the start of this term I did think, what a 5 week term – that’s pretty short. About 3 weeks ago myself and a few other school mums were saying how the kids were off on holiday in 2 weeks – it felt like they’d only just gone back after the Christmas break! 458 more words

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About me....

I’m a wife and a mummy to a whirlwind 6 year old boy and a very strong willed 16 month old girl. I used to be a corporate girl, working for a large professional services firm in HR graduate recruitment. 334 more words

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Mental Health For Kids - Managing Stress in Children

Normal stress helps us to prepare with challenges for greater learning and opportunity, such as the experience before meeting new people, going to a new places or going to school. 1,759 more words

Baby And Kids

Child Development - Delay in Walking

Most children walk by their first birthday. In general, about 85% of children aged between 10-14 months are able to walk without assistance.

A child can be considered to have delayed in walking if he or she is still unable to walk independently at the age of 18 months old. 602 more words

Baby And Kids

Newborn Care - Common-Sense Strategies For Stressed-Out Parents

A newborn brings a whirlwind of activity to your life. A newborn care may seem limited to round-the-clock feeding, bathing, diapering and soothing – but there’s more to taking care of a baby than these basics. 913 more words

Baby And Kids

Child Safety - Snake Bite

There are more than 140 species of land snakes found in Malaysia. Only about 17 of these are poisonous.

Important venomous snakes in Malaysia are the cobras (common cobra, king cobra), vipers (Russell’s Viper, Malayan pit viper and green tree pit viper) and kraits. 656 more words

Baby And Kids

Children with Special Needs - Toilet Training

Toilet training is the normal process experienced by every child. Willingness to go to the toilet does not happen automatically in line with the increasing age of the child. 1,105 more words

Baby And Kids