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This is where I found myself last week, registering for Medicare. Yes, that program for OLD people; the one my grandmother was on for as long as I can remember. 378 more words


What’s his, what’s hers

When divorcing partners divide their assets, the split isn’t always as fair as it first appears. Here’s what you need to know.

Two weeks after his divorce, Phil Doughty received a blunt letter from his ex-wife’s lawyer. 2,784 more words

The Economics of Soul vs. a Job in Old Age

While I have always been a highly introspective person, I never thought my introspection would grow more prominently into old age. I assumed (never assume) that by now – at 64 – I would have it all figured out and there would be less of a need to be looking inward and more of a desire to increasingly play cards with other people near or in retirement. 1,770 more words


Encore Quotes - Random Reflections

Can you believe we’re heading into Thanksgiving already?  Wasn’t it just summertime about a second ago?  And before we know it, Christmas will have come and gone.  47 more words

Baby Boomers

Sajid Javid ...... an odious excuse for a UK politician!

Dear Mr Javid,
What an odious excuse for a British politician you are!
Your proclaiming that people of my generation are to blame for the housing shortage in the UK is not only patently false, it is tantamount to a hate crime that you and your left wing liberal fascist colleagues use to persecute anyone who speaks out against immigration, or pro tradition and patriotism. 280 more words

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Want Tickets; Best Have Luck and $$$

This article 1st appeared in Booming Encore

If you are planning to get tickets to an anticipated concert or a special event with a highly popular star, you better be financially well-off. 165 more words

Classic Rock

Your National Health Service in 2017 #NHS

69 years ago this country was facing a war-weariness, an economy in disarray, the end of empire, a nation negotiating its place in the world, a need for massive house building. 708 more words

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