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Running shoes are a must. Healthy happy feet should never be messed up by some shoe clerk. 46 more words

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Generation X and Finance: Meet Generation X-pert Laurie Haelen

Our Generation X-pert series continues with Laurie Haelen, Sr. Vice President, Team Leader and Wealth Advisor for Canandaigua National Bank. I first met Laurie when I was a  1,198 more words

Generation X

The Baby Boomers' Legacy - An Open Apology

When I was a fledgling student, we baby boomers were taught that we were the generation with the opportunity to affect real change, make a difference, make the world better; we had our fish cookin’ in the right place! 1,739 more words

I Need A Millennial!

“I need a millennial!”

That’s my work battle cry at least twice a day. (To be specific I need a younger millennial. Sorry, but you older 80’s baby millennials just don’t have the same tech chops as your late 1990’s peers. 619 more words

Baby Boomers

Chicago's Most Popular Ghost: Resurrection Mary

As a lifer in Chicago and its surrounding suburbs, I have taken many trips along the roads, Resurrection Cemetery and the Willowbrook ballroom to find Mary…no luck so far but continue to do so when I hear there may be new sightings. 508 more words

Baby Boomers

Going on Adventures!

I would have to say that my desire to go on adventures began at a very young age. I have never been one to sit still for very long so it was natural to imagine great adventures in the small space of my backyard. 313 more words

New Study Suggests the 'Median Wealth of Black Americans Will Fall to ZERO by 2053': Here's A Cross-Generational Response from Black America

According to the Institute of Policy Studies, the median wealth of Black Americans will fall to ZERO by 2053.

“You find first-generation, even second-generation African-American and Latino households that have professional jobs and are making ‘middle-income money’ – but they have the wealth of a white high-school dropout,” Asante-Muhammad said.

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