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A Little Bit of Wisdom from Two Old Farts!

The most romantic love story
it isn’t the one about
Romeo & Juliet who died together…
No it’s the story about a
Granny & Pop… 6 more words


Brands Need Good Leadership

Brands. There’s a lot of talk about brands, branding and the importance brands evolving.
Take Taylor Swift. Hugely successful ingénue country singer who successfully pivoted her brand to main stream vocal Phenom. 184 more words


The Millennial Generation: Overtaking the Baby Boomers?

The millennial generation is generally defined as that group of individuals in the U.S.  born between 1980 and 2000. We are hearing a lot about the millennials currently, particularly with regard to how they may affect the 2016 U.S. 510 more words

Hendrix and Home from Woodstock

“What the hell is that?”

“It’s ‘50’s music, Sha na na.”

“Tell me I didn’t sleep through Hendrix.”

“Nope.” Leona peeled her blanket from the well soaked ground. 712 more words

Jonna Ellis Holston

Boomers prove happy to screw the young farther

In fact, they don’t think it goes far enough!

All the Guardian readers who laughed at my posts on pensions have gone silent recently. They thought I was making it up. 2,861 more words


The ‘If you don’t go to university now, you’ll never go’ fallacy.

I think people of my generation – (children of baby boomers) have a suffered a fallacy regarding university education, that has been pushed on to us by our parents. 493 more words

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