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When will it all end?

Another senseless shooting at a college in Arizona today, at least I think it’s senseless, how do I know if it is or not? Maybe the shooter was somehow wronged, wronged so much that the only thing they could do to take away the pain was to lash out. 382 more words

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Thank you for no smart phones at the table this Thanksgiving

My art instructor posted an interesting photograph on her Facebook page the other day. It showed half a dozen teenagers sitting on a bench in front of a famous masterpiece at an art gallery. 374 more words

David Bowie confirms retirement from touring

David Bowie has confirmed that he has definitely retired from touring for good.

That’s according to Bowie’s longtime booking agent John Giddings, managing director of Solo Music Agency. 229 more words


Yes, I Am A Baby Boomer - Now What?

Baby boomers are influencing the housing market as they downsize, trade up and invest in second homes. Where did the time go?   Entering the autumn of one’s life can be a life shifting event to something as exciting as it was when you began that first job after graduating college or the birth of your first child.   282 more words

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You Must Hear Gods Voice for Yourself 

God is speaking today, are you listening? He speaks over and over to your spirit during your lifetime if your are truly born again. People mock and laugh when you might say “God told me ” or “I really felt like God is telling me” or “I heard a still small voice inside me say” or “I feel this great impression to do this or that.” If that’s the case with you, don’t worry, God is speaking to millions everyday, many times a day, all over the world and your not alone. 823 more words

Baby Boomers

Hotels Step Up To Challenge Of Attaining Traveling Millennials

Millennials Now Biigger Than Boomers, Offer Hotels Challenge

Every industry is working hard and changing things up to captivate millennials right now. Felicia Greff’s article in Adage from a few months ago explain how some of the biggest hotel chains plain to attract this technology-driven target market. 328 more words


Boomers will relate to The Intern

If you’re a fan of movies with multiple earth-shattering explosions, alien attackers, juicy sex scenes or heart-stopping car chases, then The Intern is not your kind of movie. 263 more words