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Heaven and the New Jerusalem

Revelation says the “The New Jerusalem” will come down from heaven as a bride adorned for her husband. It is 1500 miles wide X 1500 miles in length X 1500 miles high and that’s just the city that comes down out of heaven and sits on the New Earth. 400 more words

Baby Boomers

Life Marches On

I have two older sisters … “Mimi” is a decade older; “Jojo” is five years older. Both were out of the house when I was pretty young, and both married their first (and… 753 more words


Ayurveda - Baby Boomers, what's in it for you?

Several years ago I started hearing about Ayurveda. At first I dismissed it as some kind of new age stuff that had nothing to contribute to “real” medical science. 545 more words


That Is The Way Things Roll ...

California and the Bay Area. I am sitting here in the quiet tranquil morning time, drifting off, and thinking back to the “Good Ole Days” one of the luxuries of life I can still afford.

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Boomer Poll Shows High Alzheimer's Anxiety

A new survey of baby boomers shows anxiety over the specter of Alzheimer’s and frustration over slow cures.

In releasing the data, patient advocacy group Alliance for Aging Research called for recognition of the brain disease as an urgent national health crisis and urged stepped-up timelines for new therapies. 113 more words

Anxiety Treatment

Sturdy as a house of cards? A look at Canada’s property boom

First-time buyers are screwed. Many young families who’ve bit the bullet on oversized mortgages are dangerously vulnerable in the event of a downturn, while the whole creaking apparatus of Canada’s gilded housing market could be overpriced by nearly a third. 1,580 more words


Is that your heart I see...

My motto has always been “Time’s gonna pass, may as well pass it writing…”  In my early years I lived by that motto, writing when I wasn’t working or carting kids around.   809 more words