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Our very own Jurassic Park

We’ve been talking about the Catlins now for many years.  It’s become that mythical place down south, that others have visited. They have regaled us with their journeys, marvelled, and mentioned the rogue waves at Cathedral Caves. 1,139 more words

A White Nationalist Eulogizes "Racist" Bill O'Reilly

Richard Spencer discusses the Bill O’Reilly sex scandal, the bleak future of FOX News, and how O’Reilly came to define an era of Baby Boomer conservatism.

Not All Millennials Suck


All I have to do is say the word and I’m sure you’ve garnered a mental image of a rainbow haired twenty-something complaining about social justice and being nostalgic for the nineties. 750 more words

"Baby Boomers vs. Millennials?": Pitting us Against Each Other

It’s everywhere on the ‘net: what do Boomers have against Millennials? In fact, most research shows that there are more similarities, feelings of affection and even sympathy for the troubles of Millennials. 944 more words

A Problem With Life Insurance That’s Universal

While I certainly hope that no one reading this is currently involved in a fight with their life insurer over the rising costs of their universal life premiums, I know better. 40 more words

Baby Boomers

To Help Ward Off Alzheimer’s, Think Before You Eat

(This article appeared previously in Kaiser Health News.) Diets designed to boost brain health, targeted largely at older adults, are a new, noteworthy development in the field of nutrition. 44 more words

Baby Boomers