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My Quest for the Fountain of Youth

Ah, vanity. My life is a quest for the Fountain of Youth, although my attempts to find it are often superficial. I seek “new and improved” ways to reduce at least the appearance of aging, and if they’re out there, I’m on it. 914 more words

Baby Boomers

Ann Tyler spins a gripping family tale

Trying to sell someone on reading A Spool of Blue Thread by Ann Tyler would be like Seinfeld trying to sell network television on his show “about nothing”—it sounds like a giant yawn but actually packs quite a punch. 452 more words

Christian in a World of Religions

I am Christian. As I shift from the First to Second Half of Life what that means in my life also shifts. My values, perspectives, and beliefs are changing radically, some would say outside the boundaries of the Mainline Protestant Denomination I was raised and ordained in. 686 more words


Spoiled Fruits of War

Something happened in the winter of 1944-1945 that changed the soul of America. The war in Europe was grinding on. By the Fall everyone in the United States who could be drafted had been called up. 671 more words

Learning from savvy seniors

The generational cohort that left a massive, first-of-its-kind footprint in America: The BABY BOOMERS. Those born from 1946 to 1964 defined their politics and music, had moms working outside of the home, were fueled by the Civil Rights Movement, enjoyed disposable income, moved to the suburbs, parked two cars in the garage and had a couple of kids under their roof. 345 more words

Baby Boomers

Worrying Aging Singaporean Financial Model

More than 70% are dependent on cash savings only? What happened to the businesses, brand loyalties, goodwill, portfolio income which all can be financial supplements for their old age? 8 more words


Baby Boomers Trading In and Trading Up Their Vehicles

A recent study has found that Baby Boomers have now become the most likely age group to purchase a new vehicle, many of whom choose to finally buy their “dream car.” Luxury automakers Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar and Porsche are among the most popular choices, with over 50% of sales attributed to Boomers. 55 more words