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Crochet baby booties

So a friend of mine is having a baby in January but I figured I’d better do a project now if I’m to be ready. However, I found a quite nice pattern and these only took me like two and a half hours to make :) As per usual, my work looks nothing like the original but it’s the thought that counts right?! 18 more words


Baby #3

Baby #3’s gifts also grew out of a silly idea on the part of his parents.

Back before they got married in 2014, his mom & dad made a truly hilarious engagement video of them costumed as a penguin and a giraffe and dancing around Chicago. 248 more words


Playing Tetris. 

Whenever I cut the pattern for the baby shoes I make I feel like I’m playing Tetris. I want certain parts of the fabric to face/read a certain way but there is a lot of patterns in a little space! 114 more words

Beginner Sewing


More baby booties for Gifts for the Unborn. I love this Precious Baby Booties booklet by Annie’s Crochet. Lots of great ideas! ¬†#116

Red Heart Yarns


I have some friends of the family who are trying to adopt a baby. These friends are a gay couple. Because of their sexuality, their own families aren’t really involved. 150 more words


He's Here

Boy finally decided to join the outside world, 6 days late and 1 day shy of being forced out¬†induced, except now he’s called Miles. And boy, do I love him for miles and miles and miles. 155 more words


A Long Hiatus

It has been a very long time since I’ve updated this blog. During that time I’ve been busy working on the most complicated and tiring crafting project I’ve ever undertaken. 124 more words