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Browned-Butter and Brown Sugar Glazed Carrots with a Kiss of Kahlua

If you have been around for a while, you know that Brother Dear was not a vegetable eater. Corn – that was the extend of his vegetable tolerance. 388 more words


Edible Veggie Cups with Dip

Here is another fun little yummy we did for the baptism luncheon, these edible veggie cups.  I used both cucumbers and zucchini from my garden for the cups.  89 more words


Sticky Spatchcock with Carrots and Cashews...

“Chinese food is no longer

just a restaurant or takeaway treat –

as more people are cooking it at home.”

~ Michelle Warwicker

As you know, I do like to be a little creative with my home cooking,

293 more words

Baby Carrots only $0.98 per 16oz bag at Walmart! Ends 07/06/16

No card or coupon needed here – Walmart has 16oz bags of baby carrots for only $0.98 each!

Sale ends July 06, 2016


Maple Glazed Baby Carrots

BABY CARROT LOVE | Sweeten those baby orange gems with a dash of maple syrup

For a simple and fast side dish designed to delight your guests, look no further than the baby carrot. 473 more words


Wa Japanese Restaurant Cafe

Is it a restaurant? Is it a cafe? Or is ‘restaurant cafe’ a cultural translation issue? Who knows and who cares when Wa Japanese Restaurant Cafe cook soba noodle miso soup to perfection! 271 more words


Advertising Can Make Even Baby Carrots Desirable

The fact is that majority of brands and products are boring. Being boring is a challenge, because your brand will not be noticed. You are not competing against the other products and brands in category, you are competing of mindspace of your consumer which is increasingly filled with Netflix, Snapchat and other way more interesting things than you brand. 195 more words