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Super Simple Slow Cooker Chicken

I am in no way, shape, or form a “Susie Homemaker”. I am a Boss B!tch, who gets things done, works long hours, and lives according to her dreams and what it takes to achieve them. 184 more words

Healthy Living

For the Love of Pete...

I don’t know who Pete is or where the saying came from, but for the love of him, do your wallet a favour and cut your own carrots. 225 more words

Saving Money

First harvest of the summer

I just had a stressful 4-day visit from the housework police in-laws (mother-in-law’s line of questioning included such gems as “why don’t you knock a wall down between your toilet and your kitchen?” and “why did you do an archaeology degree?” and “can I rip out all the brambles, you don’t want those brambles!” oh, and my favorite, “you might die before ; I know plenty of people who got cancer and died in their 30s”), despite that, I am feeling like a goddamn domestic goddess…Perhaps a lesser known one, such as the goddess of drinking tea, or the goddess of sitting in the house on sunny days watching re-runs of I Love Lucy instead of hitting my daily word count. 408 more words


I'll Hold This Bag Any Day

In retrospect, the baby carrots weren’t a great idea.

My friend and I were planning our kids’ graduation party, and she recommended serving the cylindrical veggies as an appetizer. 444 more words


Browned-Butter and Brown Sugar Glazed Carrots with a Kiss of Kahlua

If you have been around for a while, you know that Brother Dear was not a vegetable eater. Corn – that was the extend of his vegetable tolerance. 388 more words


Edible Veggie Cups with Dip

Here is another fun little yummy we did for the baptism luncheon, these edible veggie cups.  I used both cucumbers and zucchini from my garden for the cups.  90 more words