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A bunch of Geraniums

I knew that this pattern would be useful! Here are two more Geranium dresses. I think that’s 4 I’ve made so far.

This is the basic dress with built in capped sleeves. 447 more words


Looking For Baby Clothes? Attempt Baby Leggings From Fashion Boutiques

There is some implicit ponder that happens when you can wriggle your little girl in to baby leggings, particularly when they’re combined with a sundress that you purchased just to enhance your reality with a touch of energetic caprice. 482 more words

Baby Clothes

In need of some knitting

I haven’t been knitting much lately. To be honest, I haven’t hold my knitting needles for over a month now. With the birth of my demanding baby girl number two, my time for crafting became very, very limited. 174 more words

Simply Southern and Sweet - Charleston by Little Lizard King

Little Lizard King has my heart with this pattern! Charleston (releasing April 19th) is the sweetest little set that I know Miss Emma will be wearing all summer.  215 more words

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Summer Baby Dress

It is outstanding that there is a tight association between the mother and the youngster, sensations are transmitted between the two, and on the off chance that you need your baby to feel good, you should culminate a couple of angles with respect to the correct garments. 321 more words

Baby Clothes

Florence’s Spring Wardrobe 2018

You may think that Florence being the fourth baby would have an extensive wardrobe of hand me downs, well unfortunately after Teddy who we thought would be our last was born we offloaded the majority of baby and toddler clothes to friends and charity. 162 more words

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Oh baby, baby: Outfits - dress for success

We enthusiastically bought lots of onesies, pajamas and bodysuits for newborns, only to find that our baby turned out to be quite long (56 cm/22 in) and thus the newborn-sized clothes were actually too short for her and we went straight to dressing her in outfits for babies 1-2 months of age. 737 more words