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Impatient Crafting- Happy Birthday Board

Littles first birthday is coming up, in less than a month…


Fastest year of my life. Ugh, anyways… Like always, I’m trying to make as much as I can. 501 more words


Two Swanky Embroidered Bibs

It may seem like I’ve been slacking off on the baby crafting, but in fact the opposite is true. It’s just that a lot of the quick, easy projects are completed now and all that’s left are things that take longer… except for embroidering more bibs, of course! 213 more words

Baby Crafting

Biscuit's Simplest Fleece Blanket

It’s been a super busy week – Mama Viola Jo has been catching up on client work and as such, there are a lot of Biscuit’s projects that are still on the needles or waiting to be cut and sewn. 242 more words

Baby Crafting

Ready, Set... Stitch!

Just thought you’d like to see what the bibs look like once the iron-on embroidery transfers have been applied, but before stitching. These are three bibs out of the pack of 12 mentioned… 35 more words

Baby Crafting

Custom Geometric Burp Cloths

Burp cloths aren’t a necessity for newborns, but they can be handy! I looked at and tried out a number of commercial ones, but ultimately decided that making a half dozen of them for myself would be more stylish and a lot more fun.   165 more words

Baby Crafting

Embroidery Fun with 12 Blank Bibs

When we went to buy a pack of basic baby bibs at Target a few weeks ago, it was really hard to find styles that didn’t have text or characters on them. 265 more words

Baby Crafting

A Tiffany Lace Hat

After I completed knitting Biscuit’s First Hat, I decided that one more would complete the layette. Since I refuse to go nuts and actually sew clothing in newborn sizes, I figured that another hand-knitted hat would add texture and a personal touch to the various onesies and commercial baby basics that Biscuit will wear in the first few months. 357 more words

Baby Crafting