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Who says I always have to dress like a girl?!

Oh, and that’s my reaction to -“How does Zoya laugh?!” 💓😘 Happy Friday, everyone! 🌸🌸 #zoyaschronicles #babyblog #babyfashion #toddlerblog #toddler #toddlerfashion #proudmama #mommylife #momlife #mommyblogger #mblogger #mblog #momblog


Why I LOVE Consignment Shopping 

We are a one income family. Being a one income family means having to rework something’s in our budget differently. One of those things that has to be figured out is buying clothes, toys, bottles, cloth diapers,and every other space taking thing for our daughter. 478 more words

"I don't think I want him anymore"

I have been with the same guy for four years. We recently got engaged and we have a 9 month old daughter together. Right now I stay at home and take care of our baby girl. 136 more words

Advice Needed

A Letter To My Daughter

Sweet little jubilee,

When you were born a few people said they were sorry. They said that because they didn’t understand. They didn’t know what you could do. 257 more words

2016 milestones 💕

We’re not at the end of the year but I think we’ve reached all of the milestone cards this year that we are going to (although you never know with my daughter, she astounds me every day) 68 more words

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