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Baby Face (1933)

Plot: Lily (Barbara Stanwyck) is a waitress at her father’s speakeasy, but she also works for him in other ways and has since she was fourteen. 681 more words

Baby's Face Portrait Painting.

Miriam’s Art is pleased to release her Baby Face pastel portrait.  It is with great pleasure that I paint a baby’s face.  Most of the painting was done at a time of calm.  148 more words


Why you should never tell someone "you'll appreciate looking so young when you're older!"

I have major baby face.

And a petite body frame.

And curly hair that many females would only ever straighten.

I am also incredibly tired of being told that I should be thankful for my youthfulness, and I hear it in so many variations… 953 more words


Baby Face (1933)

I’ve been casually flipping through & taking notes on Kenneth Anger’s Hollywood Babylon for a few months now (even though it’s essentially a lengthy gossip rag & could easily be read in an afternoon), which really is one of the better trashy reads on cinema history out there. 1,092 more words

Brandon Ledet

She looks adorable

She looks so adorable when she begs me for something.


13 Going On 30: Getting Old(er) While Looking Young(ish) In An Ageist Society

One evening, during my mid-20’s, I went out to dinner with my then-boyfriend and his parents. The restaurant was busy, so his mother asked the hostess if we could all wait at the bar. 727 more words


Baby Face

This is probably a blessing and a curse all at the same time. I seem to have one of those faces that gets asked if I’m old enough to drink all the time. 422 more words

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