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The Woes of Having a Baby Face

“You look like you could be part of the 6th grade class.”
“I get that a lot.” /forced laughter

Having a baby face is both a blessing and a curse. 231 more words


13 Struggles You'll Only Understand If You Suffer From A Serious Case Of Baby Face

1. You’re constantly panicked that you’ve forgotten your i.d. at home.

You’ve found yourself in the situation more than once where you’re all ready to go get some drinks with your friends, and then you’re shit out of luck because you don’t have your i.d. 1,069 more words

Baby Face

Woah… I can’t believe I’ve actually just seen Maroon 5, they were sooo epic!! If it weren’t for MAUF* I would have had far less fun tonight.   953 more words


The Curse of Having a Baby Face

I am currently stuck in a place where I look like a child and often get treated as such but I’m actually (unfortunately) an adult. 871 more words


See No Beard; Hear No Beard; Speak No Beard (Or, an Ode to My Beard [Or, This Goes Against Everything My Dad Taught Me])

I acquired facial hair at a fairly young age. My first bits of fuzz were bestowed upon me during elementary school. Most people don’t believe me, but it is true. 583 more words


What Do Jill Scott, Baby Face & New Edition All Have In Common? [VIDEO]

Jill Scott, New Edition and Babyface are by far some of the biggest names in the music industry and I know what you’re thinking they probably don’t have that much in common.Well they actually do. 63 more words

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