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Know Your Character Actor - Nat Pendleton

Nathaniel Greene Pendleton was born on August 9th, 1895 in Davenport Iowa but his family soon after moved to New York where Nat was enrolled at the Brooklyn Poly Prep High School. 759 more words

Know Your Character Actor

Past Imperfect - #200

Theresa: “You could have told me that the window was open. If I had known that, I wouldn’t have slapped my lover and he wouldn’t have fallen out of it.” 162 more words


EOTD- Eye of the Day

Today I blended a purple and grey together, my favorite for my every day look with a purple eyeliner which is great for making green eyes pop. 244 more words


Cuteness Exposed!

Cute Chic!?

I didn’t know it’s in the video mode that’s why I looked “pabebe” here.

Funny Moments

My bare face essentials...

Every girl who loves to wear make up has a couple of items they own that they just have to have! These are my four top items… 526 more words

The Woes of Having a Baby Face

“You look like you could be part of the 6th grade class.”
“I get that a lot.” /forced laughter

Having a baby face is both a blessing and a curse. 231 more words


13 Struggles You'll Only Understand If You Suffer From A Serious Case Of Baby Face

1. You’re constantly panicked that you’ve forgotten your i.d. at home.

You’ve found yourself in the situation more than once where you’re all ready to go get some drinks with your friends, and then you’re shit out of luck because you don’t have your i.d. 1,069 more words