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0703 Baby Face - Little Richard (1958)

This song was written by Harry Akst and Benny Davis in 1926. It was first recorded by Jan Garber and His Orchestra. The song was sung at the McCartney family get-togethers. 105 more words



It’s been quite a while since publishing the last post. Okay, so I have another encounter to tell. Two girls, one a longtime friend, and her friend who is not my friend but is one of the people who have given me a ‘little girl comment’ I will never forget. 248 more words


Love, Marriage & Divorce

Title CD Album from Toni Braxton & Baby Face I listen to their songs almost a hundred times and it have some powerful words. They been through a lot and they were marry and divorce but they work things out and came back together but these songs is from their true emotions and nothing is hidden. 15 more words


This face...

I know I’ve been MIA for awhile. A lot has been going on, which I’ll post about soon. For now, enjoy this tiny face…

New Baby

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Hello Friends,

“Another one of the coolest things about the human experience, besides you and trees, is that everyone gets their own joyfully-raving, stoked-to-the-gills, no-holds-barred fan club! 93 more words


Review: It's Skin Baby face BB cream #Silky

Setelah penantian panjangku, akhirnya teman kecilku yang bersayap sampai dengan selamat dan langsung terbang ke hatiku..

Yeap! BB Cream yang ku nanti-nanti akhirnya datang juga. Produk yang satu ini saaaangat unyu baik dari segi kemasan atau size nya yang hanya 12ml xD. 224 more words

Make Up Review

Reasons why they say you'll appreciate it when you're 40, ladies.

Nobody likes to hear that. You’ll enjoy it when you’re 40? But before we roll our eyes to that, wait. There might be some truth to it. 203 more words