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The Curse of Having a Baby Face

I am currently stuck in a place where I look like a child and often get treated as such but I’m actually (unfortunately) an adult. 871 more words


See No Beard; Hear No Beard; Speak No Beard (Or, an Ode to My Beard [Or, This Goes Against Everything My Dad Taught Me])

I acquired facial hair at a fairly young age. My first bits of fuzz were bestowed upon me during elementary school. Most people don’t believe me, but it is true. 583 more words

Things My Dad Taught Me

What Do Jill Scott, Baby Face & New Edition All Have In Common? [VIDEO]

Jill Scott, New Edition and Babyface are by far some of the biggest names in the music industry and I know what you’re thinking they probably don’t have that much in common.Well they actually do. 63 more words

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WWE Needs Us to Believe in Seth Rollins

WWE Champion and corporate golden boy Seth Rollins lost yet another match against John Cena to close out the WWE Network special out of the always live, Madison Square Garden this Saturday. 1,033 more words

Baby Face

Three Transplants (2015)

1. Heart.
2. Lung.
3. Beard.
The case-
To solve a baby face.


Is The Art Of The Heel Gone?

Wrestling is all about story telling; the story that pits good (face) vs evil (heel). But as time has went on, I find myself not hating or even disliking the heels. 395 more words

5 Unfortunate Things That Happen When You Have A Baby Face And Look Way Younger Than You Actually Are

I have a baby face and well, it’s not a picnic.

No, I’m not here to complain; rather I’m going to tell you what kind of sort of sucks about having a “baby face.” 256 more words