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In Sickness and In Health

You never know when you will have to carry out the promises of the vows you committed to on your wedding day. I always heard the first trimester of your pregnancy is a doozy in terms of morning sickness and the occasional snicker from already-mom’s about how it really isn’t just confined to the “morning”. 303 more words

Married Life

Foxes on Friday: Forgetful

You’d think that, by now, I’d know to set up a FoxFriday post the night before I start work at five in the morning. But, no. 20 more words


Foxes On Friday

The problem with working is that it leaves me with little brainpower for much else, like blogging. For which I apologize. Will some pictures of adorable foxes make up for my absence? 17 more words


Foxes On Friday: Armor

Lately I’ve been thinking of the quote by Tyrion Lannister (from the books by George R. R. Martin) that reads, “Never forget what you are. The rest of the world will not. 17 more words


Pinterest Pariah 

I’m a Pinterest user. In fact, I’m an avid fan of Pinterest and I’m usually pinning when I’m not doing anything important. Or trying to procrastinate. 384 more words


Baby Fox Coming Soon

I am writing this post at 4am. That is when this baby decides it’s no longer tired but would rather be fully awake leaving me to feel every wave of nausea possible at 4am. 443 more words

Married Life