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Friday Funnies

The time when your so tired the only thing keeping you awake is your own head nods. Cute, funny video of a baby goat doing just that:)

Baby Goat

Cute Little Baby Goats

While visiting my parents farm this weekend, I captured this endearing video of a little baby goat trying so hard to take an afternoon nap on a nice spring afternoon. 18 more words


Let spring begin

Well spring is here and it came in with another round of snow.

Thankfully it was beautiful to look at and gone within a day. Hopefully we can start to get night temperatures above forty so we can leave the seedlings out in each night instead of taking them in and out each day. 87 more words

Get Sh%t done ..... in a little while.

Another blog from my morning view of the world. The chickens and goats are all feed, watered, and ready for the day. Breakfast, spiced ground beef topped by the always present egg, eaten and cleaned up. 195 more words

In the morning quiet

The silence is broken as the alarm sounds of in the darkness that is our bedroom.

It is 5:45 one of my days off as I have this week booked off from work. 454 more words

A baby filled morning

I know it has been a long time since I last blogged, but I want to make more time to do it and commit to more regular posts. 362 more words

Proud to Announce!!

Mervin (our buck) and Millie (our doeling) are the proud parents of two little kids a little buck and a little doeling.

Mom is doing well. 322 more words