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Who Waxed The Floors?

by Kimberly A. Cook                (Twitter@  WarriorTales)

I love baby goats and when they come with matching white puppies, even better. This little four-day old guy cannot figure out what the scrambling dog wants. 68 more words

Warrior Tales

#Inktober Day 20: Don't Drink from the Puddle!!

Or you’ll turn into a baby goat!!!!
This is a pretty straight-forward cautinary tale, where in order to eat a kidnapped child, the evil Baba Yaga first turns him into a baby goat, by bewitching random puddles, hoping he’ll drink from one of them. 17 more words


Baby Critters Everywhere!





One of those … if you only knew how many pictures I did NOT put up …  195 more words

Animal Friends

You've got to be kidding

Pregnancy checks are daily.

Bulging womb? Check. Puffy hind-quarters? Check. Softening ligaments? Check. Any day now, the kid/s will arrive. I’m more than ready.

I’ve found myself nesting even though it’s not me that’s giving birth. 470 more words

The Road to Rio; Day 2 - exploring Cusco

Our first night in the hostel was a little cold, with temps reaching 35F but it wasn’t as bad as expected. We woke up bright and early to enjoy the FREE provided breakfast at our hostel. 510 more words

The one with utter randomness and a baby goat

So this legitimately sums up my life right now.

For realsies, Curtis and I really want to get a baby goat when we go back to NZ. 467 more words