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Proud to Announce!!

Mervin (our buck) and Millie (our doeling) are the proud parents of two little kids a little buck and a little doeling.

Mom is doing well. 322 more words

Video: Baby Goat Discovers His Superpowers

Being the first day of this website, it seems appropriate to post a baby something doing something, because it’s cute when baby things do stuff. Except for crying. 30 more words


Babies...Bleats...And Big Booms!

Summertime fun with family here in the Smokies!

by Rachelle Siegrist

We enjoyed a delightful visit from my sister Hayley and her family this past week on July 4th. 1,095 more words

No Blood No Bandaid

Within 12 hours, I managed to get fire-ant pesticide in my mouth, sliced open my pinky-finger with the cat food can, and was bitten by a baby black widow spider twice on the leg. 539 more words

Raised By A Village

A cute baby goat!

Some very young chickens were out running around feeding on the main path.

A peacock was showing off.

Strutting around.

Creepy but pretty lizard.

I got to pet the “not quite week old” baby goat. 35 more words

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