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Baby #3

Baby #3’s gifts also grew out of a silly idea on the part of his parents.

Back before they got married in 2014, his mom & dad made a truly hilarious engagement video of them costumed as a penguin and a giraffe and dancing around Chicago. 248 more words


Baby #2

Back in late December, we had dinner with the parents of Baby #2 & Baby #3, after which we stayed up far past all our bedtimes drinking tea, eating cookies, and coming up with awful names for poor Baby #2. 242 more words


Baby #1!

Baby #1 got the simplest gifts, not because I love her mom any less than any of my other friends, but because when I checked in with her parents, it turned out she already had lots of people pledging to make things AND my friend had some disturbing memories of some horrid crochet dolls from her childhood. 289 more words


Nadia from Yarnutopia

Very talented lady. I did her 365 days of granny squares last year and learned so much!  Here is two from her.


Baby dresses and bonnets by Crystal from Bag O Day Crochet

I adore Crystal!  Her baby dress patterns rock!  Her channel is literally chock O block full of awesome designs. Not big on conversation,  but straght forward teaching. 19 more words

I Tested A Pattern and I Liked It | Newborn Swirl Beanie

Recently, I was entrusted with the job of pattern tester for Emme Claire Crochet.

She was looking for crocheters to try out a new pattern she designed for a Newborn Swirl Beanie. 262 more words

Patterns & Projects


Sorry for the absence of posts lately.

On both Instagram and the blog.

You see….

I’d lost my sew-mojo.

Something that hadn’t happened to me since I started sewing about 2 years ago. 248 more words