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Easter egg hunt!

When I sent my hubby out to hide Easter eggs I told him to make it a challenge, don’t go easy on them! He really took my instructions to heart, this was the most challenging egg hunt ever! 47 more words


6 Month Update

Nearly two weeks late on this one, but here it is. In March, MJ reached six months. He’s 18 pounds, nearly 25 inches long, and there are even a few hair sprouting up on that head of his. 282 more words


breaking walls

Has something ever scared you so much that you were afraid to even think about it in case it might actually happen? Yep. 🎶story of my life🎶 when it comes to having a baby and being a parent. 513 more words


Jimin Park - Hopeless Love

Jimin Park, one half of the pop&B duo 15&, has released a solo single less than a year after the group’s debut.  With strong vocals and a melancholy feel, the singer internally chastises herself for falling in love with a friend.  57 more words


Thoughts on Thursday

Just some thoughts on this Thursday for you:

-I went to Barnes & Noble yesterday during my lunch and a guy (I would guess 18, maybe 20 years old) held the door open for me.   478 more words


A Baby Shower

A couple weekends ago Forest, Indie and I made the road-trip to Indiana, a pit-stop on our week-long vacation.  We left on a Saturday morning, made a couple more stops that usual for the bathroom, and arrived that evening.  218 more words


it is almost April?

At our weekly firm meeting it dawned on me that it is almost April.  This should have been evident already given that I could go into labor any day now (at my doctor’s appointment last week he guessed today, but it hasn’t happened yet). 430 more words