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Five Months Old

Here you are, baby J, just five months old. You are really taking it all in these days, trying to figure out the world around you, still happy to smile at most faces, and as sweet as the day is long. 615 more words


September in Review

Oh my goodness, what a month!

Earlier this month, David went back out to sea. I handled it a lot better this time, now that I knew what to expect. 797 more words


Doctoring in Kuwait

This summer when we were home, we had lots of questions about our life in Kuwait, and Mitch addressed answering quite a few of them back… 1,206 more words

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Fall is Here

Fall is here, and we couldn’t be happier. Cooler weather, football, soup weather, birthdays… it’s an exciting time of year.  Brandt will be turning 3 in just a couple of weeks, can you believe he will be 3. 447 more words


24 Weeks

 Yikes! Twelve week pregnancy hiatus. Can you tell life has been a little busy around here? How do i even start with a recap of weeks 11-24 of pregnancy? 543 more words

  Baby J is 2 Months Old!

Happy 2 months to this little guy!

My chunky monkey is now 14lbs 8.5oz!! Look at those rolls!

We did quite a bit this month! 382 more words



She screams, I scream, we all scream…but there’s no ice cream involved. It might be 2:45am, it might be 11:15am or it might be 7pm – the time doesn’t matter, she’s hungry or hot or cold or has a wet nappy and she NEEDS our attention and she needs it NOW! 373 more words