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KADI - Turn You ON

“Turn U On” by Kadi.

From working alongside artists such as Moorish Delta 7, producers like Baby J and supporting Omar, Kadi changes the game with ‘Turn You On’. 172 more words

Knitting and Fishing

The two go together pretty well, I think. Both require a lot of time and patience, and for fishing, at least the kind that I prefer, you don’t need to pay much attention. 414 more words


Staying Up Til Midnight

In college, I could stay up late with the best of them. Two a.m., the Acorn Cafe, and I were very good friends. On occasion, I even hung out with Great Oaks Hall and the elusive all-nighter. 495 more words


Nanny Diaries #3

This little nugget loves Christmas. This little nugget is sick. This little nugget is tired. This little nugget is quick. And this little nugget screams wah-wah-wah because naptime is no picnic. 447 more words

Baby J

Nanny Diaries #2

From the lace remnants of my mother’s fabric closet there became a fort in Baby J’s living room. The latte colored walls and cream carpet become filled with light and life as Baby J crawls under the largest piece of grey lace and tickles his face with a new texture. 457 more words

Baby J

Nanny Diaries #1

We’re deep into autumn and the leaves have fallen over almost every inch of Baby J’s backyard. He loves dragging his yellow L.L.Bean rain boots through the dense forest of what used to be summer so they distinctively  186 more words

Baby J

A Letter to My Unborn Babies

I’m not going to lie.  Sitting down to write this letter was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do in my life.  1,047 more words

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