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Two Left Feet

It’s been almost a week since I cast on for a pair of “Soul Socks” but I have to tell you, my soul must have been in need because I finished the first one within a day of casting on. 331 more words

littlest sunsuit

I finished Philippa’s sunsuit last week and was able to snap a few photos of her in it this morning.  She seemed thrilled to put it on, this thing she’s seen mommy working on, and she danced around and cried, “ditty!” which is how she says “pretty.”  I’m really proud of it, even if I made a few mistakes and learned some things along the way.   41 more words

Latest Obsession: Knit Dolls

Since I have so many little kids in my life and I’m getting a ton of little girls lately, I’ve been lovingly looking for dolls to knit. 291 more words


endless miles of stockinette

I’m knitting a sweater for a coworker’s baby. I love how it’s turning out, but plain stockinette feels like forever.

Pattern: Playdate by Tin Can Knits… 43 more words


A Palette for a Baby

As I may have mentioned before (like here) I absolutely love knitting for new babes. When I found out my cousin was pregnant I pulled out my lovely stash of… 383 more words


FO: Sibling Sweaters

Now that my girlfriends are starting to have their second babies, I’ve ventured into the brother/sister or coordinating sibling sweaters as gifts. I know, it’s a gift with a short lifespan since kids grow so fast but I like the fact that the older sibling’s cardigan can be worn by the younger sibling. 315 more words


The Squishiness That is Baby Knits

Have I ever talked about how much I love baby knits? Because I do. One part of me thinks it’s ridiculous to spend so much time on an article of clothing that may not get worn very often (or at all), and another part of me just wants to throw as much knitted cuteness as I can at every baby. 417 more words