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Finished Object Friday: Tulip Baby Sweater (for girl)

Babies.  So they take 9 month; 40 weeks; 280 days to make ten fingers, ten toes, a complex nervous system, a heart, miles of veins and arteries and 305 bones.  250 more words


Baby Booties and Hat (Hand Knitted)

Around 10 months ago God blessed my brother and sister-in-law with arguably the most beautiful baby girl alive. In true fashion I knitted her a few pieces from a pattern I found on Etsy. See below for images.


Another jumper WIP and pattern making!

I’m currently testing my knitting skills by creating my own pattern for a quick little baby jumper. This should fit a 6 – 9 month old (up to 9kg) and so far this is the back done and I’m halfway through a sleeve. 188 more words


The finished product...

I cannot express how manic the last week has been! I have been meaning to put this blog post up for the longest time but had an essay deadline (which I managed to somehow pull out of the bag), placement and then have been full of cold. 128 more words


This beautiful jumper is still a WIP!

So the jumper for my daughter is going well. In fact it’s now nearly finished.

The front and back are done, the sleeves are done… just have to sew it all together! 314 more words


I'm knitting again! - WIP - (and a great deal on Aran!)

So I came across this beautiful free pattern for a child’s jumper that I thought would really suit my little girl. It looks so snuggly and lightweight and has beautiful lace details. 324 more words


FO: Marley - Blue Ocean

We got caught by sickness bugs again, Wee Man had a cough then Pixie had a cold followed by a Husband with tonsillitis. But we are on school holidays now and nobody seems to be sick (today at least) and despite it snowing again yesterday today we have lovely sunshine. 200 more words

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