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Avoiding Baby Mama/Daddy Drama

Today I made the mistake of getting into a brief disagreement over the phone with my son’s father, something I told myself I would never do.   742 more words

Baby Mama Drama

Movie title – No more baby-mama drama
Starring – mama and baby (insert fussy-eating baby’s name here).
Featuring – zinc, breakfast, water, exercise, meal snacks, food journal and favourite foods. 692 more words


Single Parenting

Let me just start by saying I love what I do. I love being a single parent. In some senses I chose this life and I am so happy I did. 497 more words

Inside look at my life...

This post is going to be rather lengthy, so hang in there. I may end up making it a two-part series. I’m adding this song because it basically describes this post rather well, and I just love the song. 3,357 more words

My Favorite Child!

You are my favorite child. I love all the #Troops but I love you most! Maybe it is because you are the oldest and we grew up together. 1,207 more words

Baby Mama Drama :(

Dear Baby Daddies,

Before I let these things off my chest you were special to me and there are times I really miss but this plea to you won’t be sealed with a kiss… 739 more words

Baby Mama Drama :(


I really admire individuals who end up completely broke and still have a courage and hope to wake up, because deep down they know that there is still hope and they can still amend their mistakes. 194 more words