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Nia Guzman says Chris Brown's smoking gave daughter Royalty asthma

Nia Guzman says Chris Brown has given their daughter Royalty, asthma by smoking around her.  Now she is filing court papers in an attempt to alter the singer’s  190 more words


Chris Brown's Baby Mama Accuses Him Of Giving Royalty Asthma; Asks For More Child Support

Chris Brown and his baby mama are at it again after she accused him of being irresponsible and giving their 1-year-old daughter, Royalty, Asthma through second hand weed and tobacco smoke. 126 more words


Weird Video Wednesday: That one time Mario got arrested on holiday

Most Mario games teach us nothing needs to make sense to be fun. This is something Miyamoto understood profoundly when he created a colourful cast comprising of an Italian plumber, a dinosaur with a saddle, a hapless princess who bakes, and a giant turtle/dragon nemesis named after plumbing equipment. 140 more words

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Fine! I'll Watch Eureka Seven #3-5

Episode 3

So, we start off with the Gekkostate being trapped and having to make a forceful exit. At this point Holland realizes that Eureka is “growing up” and can’t accept it. 1,105 more words


My Perfect Life

My Life was Perfect, or so I thought, until that lovely Saturday……

It was indeed a beautiful morning and i always loved Saturdays because I could afford the luxury of sleeping in, the kids were at my sister’s for the weekend and hubby decided to have an early start at the gym to give me some time to rest. 1,214 more words

How To Deal With A Man Going Through Baby Mama Drama [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

A man’s baby mama drama can really put a strain on his relationship. So as the current girlfriend to a man dealing with a woman preventing him from seeing his child, what should this  132 more words

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