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July Course

Well the time has come to start a new course.  There still a couple of places on the next one which starts on the 12th July at 10.30am. 88 more words


Mothers who have meaningful skin contact during pregnancy and labor tend to have easier labors and are more responsive to their infants. Touching and handling her baby assists the new mother in milk production by aiding in the secretion of prolactin, the “mothering hormone.” By regularly massaging her baby, the mother not only sets up a cycle of healthy responses which improves her mothering abilities day by day, but also enhances her baby’s well-being, his disposition, and the relationship between the two of them. 956 more words


Baby Massage & Baby Yoga Benefits!

Guest Blog by Ashley Oates from Chilled beans – Baby massage baby yoga have been practised in the East for hundreds of years. Traditionally grandmothers would massage babies and often the mothers too. 487 more words

Massage is good...

From time to time, confinement auntie will drop useful knowledge on baby care. With her years of experience, she has “troubleshoot” lots of situations. Auntie says its normal for babies to hippcups and she told me either we can burp baby or massage him. 108 more words


Eleven Weeks and One Day

If there is one baby related activity I would really like to get to grips with, it’s baby massage. I love the idea, unfortunately though both my babies have had different ideas!!! 310 more words

Baby Massage Class - Week One

Today, Wednesday 15th June 2016, baby & I went to our first of five baby massage classes. It cost us €120, so here’s hoping we get enjoyment and learn techniques to help my baby. 242 more words