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Infant Massage - why and how

Massage soothes and calms you, it can do the same for your baby.

Touch is powerful. A tender caress on your child’s cheek before they go to school, a cuddle to comfort a crying baby, stroking a baby’s back to lull them to sleep, these touches can promote bonding, trust, communication. 847 more words

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Baby Massage

Baby Massage is a truly wonderful skill to learn and is beneficial to both baby and parent. As a Certified Infant Massage Instructor, my role is to provide a relaxed and welcoming environment where parents are able to and encouraged to respond to their baby’s needs while learning massage strokes. 320 more words

Your baby massage questions answered..

Baby massage classes are still a bit of new thing in New Zealand, so here are the answers to some of the questions parents often have. 443 more words


12 weeks

Thursday I didn’t get up to much. Scarlett was grumpy due to teething so the most we did was visit my Nan for a cup of tea. 724 more words


Massage For All

We can get kinda serious about massage at the Family Massage Education Center. Not only is massage a big part of our livelihood; more importantly, massage is our PASSION! 97 more words

Tyler's 3-month baby routine

I was clearing out my desk at work the other day – can you tell I’m excited to be going on maternity leave – when I found this notebook from when Tyler was a baby, nearly 4 years ago. 459 more words


Post Natal Doula - Mothering the mother ....

“I knew I was pregnant but why didn’t anyone tell me I was going to have a baby?” Anon

For the past eleven years of owning and running the Bella Mama Pregnancy Spa and Wellness Centre I have noticed a pattern emerging. 541 more words

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