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Baby massage 

Your precious little baby is the most important part of you. And just like how we enjoy a good spa day, help your baby unwind… 829 more words

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Fox Den Mini Massage Series - Sleep


Will massage help my baby to sleep? At our baby massage studio near Chester we have the solution :)

This is one of the most frequently asked questions, as massage instructors, we receive from parents. 108 more words

Baby Massage

Ethical baby shower gift guide

Baby showers are a wonderful way to indulge your pregnant friends and celebrate their exciting new journey. Whether you choose to buy a unique baby shower gift for the expectant mum, their baby or both – the choice can feel a little daunting. 1,182 more words


What is normal for making friends?

I had never thought that I would have to go out of my way to make friends. I’ve always had enough, I’m not a massively social person, a bit of an introvert really. 826 more words


Fox Den Mini Massage Series - General Fussiness


Sometimes your baby will just be irritable, fussy and generally not in a good mood. Baby Massage is perfect for helping with this, at our Studio near Hawarden. 64 more words

Baby Massage

Shiatsu and Massage in Pregnancy and Childbirth

I am currently working on completely redoing my website, so have been going back through the articles on my Resources page  and thought it was a shame that they are not easily available. 2,841 more words


Why baby massage helps babies sleep better

Newborn babies are beautiful little beings but they don’t always sleep well. They are used to being nice, warm and cosy inside their mummy’s tummy and now they’re out in the big wide world and need some help figuring out when is day and when is night. 243 more words