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Baby Massage

From the moment babies enter the world they are learning through their senses. They are learning about themselves and the world around them, therefore it’s important we provide them with a variety of sensory stimulation. 366 more words


Infant Massage Enhances Communication Between Parent and Baby

It is important for parents to understand the unspoken language of their babies so that the latter’s attempts to communicate are not neglected. Infant massage increases the parents’ sensitivity to their baby’s cues. 175 more words

Fun Parent & Baby Activities

To counteract the trauma I may have caused by introducing people to the concept of poonami, I’ll focus on the fun side of maternity/paternity leave. 1,131 more words

Benefits of Baby Massage

Massage is a great way to bond with your baby. A soothing massage can also help to relax your baby after a bath and create a lovely bed-time ritual, as well as promoting sleep. 93 more words


Baby Weight Gain Through Massage

By Kath Pompa-Calagui, Certified Infant Massage Instructor

Each baby is different, but parents cannot help compare the milestones of their babies with that of other children. 198 more words

Flat head and what to do about it...

Plagiocephaly is a very common craniofacial problem.
Positional or deformational plagiocephaly or flat head is a condition that may develop while in the uterus, at birth or during the first few months of life. 469 more words

Maternity Nurse/consultant

Would you like mustard on that?

The world of mother and baby groups is a minefield.

Filling the two weeks of maternity leave I had before Baby arrived, I created a comprehensive, timetabled list of all baby groups within a 3 mile radius. 327 more words