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Massage your Baby!

Massaging a baby is one of the most emotionally bonding activities between a mother and her child. A baby has a lot of needs that need to be addressed with utmost urgency. 591 more words

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Urutan Badan Anak Mampu Kuatkan Hubungan Antara Ibu, Ayah Dengan Anak-Anak

Malam semalam zaty ada share cerita tentang urut anak kan. Okay, seelok-eloknya kita buat urutan badan anak 2 kali sehari. Pagi lepas mandi dengan malam 30 minit sebelum tidur. 297 more words

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Urut Badan Anak untuk buatkan Anak Lebih Duduk Diam

Ada satu sebab kenapa anak taknak duduk diam atau susah sangattt nak duduk diam. Kalau ikut pada fayyadh dulu, therapist cakap fayyadh tak boleh rasa tubuh badan dia sendiri (body awareness). 364 more words

Perkembangan Awal Anak

The Ancient Art of Baby Massage

In previous blogs we’ve looked at the impact, effects and benefits of baby massage but where did Baby Massage originate from? How did it start and how did it develop?  256 more words


Going to baby classes

When I was pregnant I had all these ideas of all the lovely classes I would go to.

I knew I wanted to do baby signing and baby massage, however, my first experience of a class nearly made me never want to do one again. 606 more words


5 ways to help baby sleep through


From day one, my baby loved being swaddled and while I know it’s not for every baby I definitely think it’s worthwhile trying in the early days. 1,459 more words

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