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How To Get Rid Of Stains From Baby Clothes

As you may already know, or will soon find out, babies are the messiest creatures on the PLANET. They are adorable, but until they fine tune their motors skills all clothes, bibs, etc will have stains – whether it be from spit up, poop, pee, or food for older babies. 336 more words

New Fathers

What's this all about?

August 31st 2014 my whole life changed when baby Frankie entered the world. Since then she has become my whole life. As a photographer I obviously love to document her life in different ways. 159 more words

Mess on your carpet? Try the 'Simple Sprinkle Shaker' carpet deodorizer and get results today!

After first realizing this carpet healing shaker was what was desperately needed to help my sorry carpet situation, I now, couldn’t live without it. Its so simple its silly not to have one in the cupboard… 471 more words

It's a good thing he's cute

Wondering what I do all day? (I know you are)

Let me give you a little taste of one morning. Before 8 a.m.

Jacob woke up at 4:00. 603 more words

Daily Baby

Cute Baby of the Day: Things Get 'Nutty' While Mom Looks Away!

When it comes to making a mess, baby is second to none.

That’s why when we came across this adorable baby covered head-to-toe-to-diaper in peanut butter, we couldn’t help but smile and say, … 113 more words


Just one more...

We just couldn’t resist adding one more photograph from yesterday’s photo session with the lovely Elis. This little boy is just adorable :)


A desire for order amidst chaos

Amazing how the toddler brain works. Bub’s current obsession is with taking all our cleaning products from the cupboard, moving them to one area, then carrying them all to another, then another and so on. 96 more words

Growing Up