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The only thing cuter than a baby monkey... is two baby monkeys... and little Olivia...

It can’t be easy to raise a baby in the trees… I think of all the crazy stuff my brothers and I did on more-or-less flat ground, and try to imagine the heart-stopping moments that a mommy monkey has to watch all day long. 132 more words


Well, I told you I took Olivia to the zoo the other day... (featuring a cute baby monkey and an adorable little human)...

And I told you I took a lot of pictures…

And you know I like monkeys so much that I wrote and illustrated a children’s book called ‘I Like Monkeys’… still available in the links over there on the right in my sidebar—> 97 more words


Because... baby monkeys!!!!!

We saw baby monkeys at the zoo… I like monkeys… I like monkeys so much, I wrote and illustrated a book for children called: I Like Monkeys… available right over there—> in my sidebar… if you click the picture of the book… 71 more words