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Hot hot hot!

The last couple of days have been of melting temperatures! Monday reached 42 degrees and today reached around 38 degrees! Ridiculous… and very hard to work in. 534 more words

A right laugh of a day!

Haha! What an eventful morning I’ve had! It started all normal, walked up to the cottage for some breaki, I was on milks first thing which I love doing. 721 more words

A bit of everything :)

I’d like to apologise for my idiocy in my last blog! I was speaking about Theo and how he was reintroduced back into his troop after he once again, got over an illness. 669 more words

Theo the Kangaroo

Well this morning was a much better morning than yesterday! I wasn’t cornered by bandits, I managed to get to the cottage in one piece and eat my breaki… 1,250 more words

Let the fun begin *excited dance*

I’m finally here! After months of planning and counting down the days, I arrived in Johannesburg on Monday 2nd October and I arrived at the Vervet Monkey Foundation on 3rd October. 971 more words

What a start to the day! 

Today…… it didn’t start the best!

I was rudely awoken at 5:30 this morning! By the sound of a monkey squawking… at what? I don’t know! 929 more words

Still getting ready...

I was going to do a blog on a monkey that has caught my eye and tell you all about her, but I only know a little about her history. 817 more words