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Welcome babies Zubana, Jerry and Merlin!

The last week has been pretty intense with the amount of orphans that have been arriving at the VMF.

Last week welcomed 3 new orphans, Zubana who was named by an ex volunteer Adeline, Jerry who was named by a current volunteer Yuval and her mother, then there’s Merlin… any guesses who named him? 1,300 more words

Update on all the babies... all so exciting :)

Sorry for the delay in my blogs it has been a hectic week of waking up early to help de worm monkeys, mixed with long days and days out, I’ve gotta have some fun away from the monkeys :). 997 more words

The baby girls officially have mummas!!

This week proved to be the most exciting week yet for the babies on the foundation! On Monday 4th December, Joli and Peggy the 2 baby girls who moved to a Koko intro cage the week before, met their potential foster mums for the first time with no fence between! 657 more words

Exciting times for babies, Joli and Peggy

On Wednesday, it was time for Joli and Peggy to take the leap of faith and finally go into an intro cage on the side of Koko troop to meet their potential foster mummas! 447 more words

Welcome babies Mo and Peggy...

On Thursday 23rd and Friday 24th brought our 5th and 6th orphan babies into the foundation. When new babies arrive, they go into one of the 2 baby cabins, called Neverland to have a 72hour quarantine period. 1,216 more words

Blyde River Canyon... My new favourite place <3

On Tuesday, 5 of us rented a car and drove off into the sunset towards Blyde River Canyon for a couple of days!

Myself, Sophia, Sarah, Abby and Nicolas all decided to have a road trip to the Canyon after a few others had been ranting and raving about how beautiful it was. 1,138 more words

Welcome baby Ellyn! Update on Joli and Groot <3

On Monday brought our fourth orphan of the season. Meet baby Ellyn.

Ellyn was less than a week old when she came to us at the Vervet Monkey Foundation. 438 more words