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What's In A Name?

I’m facing a dilemma and running out of time friends. This is no small decision – it could literally impact the life and destiny of another human being. 638 more words

baby names i love and want to use in the future

Before I get into it, I’m not pregnant. At least I’m 99.9% sure I’m not. This is a super weird post, I know. But I’ve had names picked out for yeeeears now and I can’t do anything about it besides make variations of Sims with these names. 1,167 more words


Baby names I love but won’t be using 🖤

As much as I am so happy and complete with my two babies, and I know I won’t have anymore now a small part of me is sad that I won’t ever get to use any of the other baby names I absolutely loved. 730 more words

Take A Moment

Chapter 17.5 - What's in a name ?

What’s in a name? A rose by any other name would smell as sweet ! “said Juliet in William Shakespeare’s play. I say everything is in the name. 853 more words

A Biblical pattern of how women named children and the role of fathers.

It brings perfect order and alignment when couples(married man and woman) discover and follow the blue prints of God’s plan and designated roles and patterns for parenting. 910 more words


When Harry Met Michael

It sounds like an LBGTIQ-friendly reload on a Billy Crystal movie but no, it’s not. For all those thinking that a new gay story is in the pipeline, please sit down. 815 more words


US magazine :(

What is better than people watching and a magazine when waiting at the airport?

The Savannah airport is tons easier than the Atlanta airport, so relaxing might be an option. 1,667 more words