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When Harry Met Michael

It sounds like an LBGTIQ-friendly reload on a Billy Crystal movie but no, it’s not. For all those thinking that a new gay story is in the pipeline, please sit down. 815 more words


US magazine :(

What is better than people watching and a magazine when waiting at the airport?

The Savannah airport is tons easier than the Atlanta airport, so relaxing might be an option. 1,667 more words

The curse of the common baby name

As a Sarah, I was obviously aggrieved by my ridiculously common name back in the 90s!

Thankfully, it wasn’t the MOST common name that year, but placing in the top 10 throughout the world isn’t much better: 468 more words


Naming a Tiny Human

***There’s a game at the end of this post if you want to guess her name.***

It is incredibly difficult to name a tiny human! Many kudos to those of you who have done it (some, many times over)! 425 more words

Name That Dame

My wife and I are in the process of trying to choose a name for what we now know will be a daughter.

Technically, this may not be a bad place to end this blog because the more I write, the more I am reminded that (1) Be careful what you pray for as you approach the dead center of your lifespan (2) One of the few things that is actually more complicated than a woman is trying to choose a suitable name for her. 986 more words

Baby Names

I’ve always had a fascination with names of all kinds, but particularly baby names of course. I was (am) definitely one of those girls who had lists of names for my future children written in my notebooks since I was about 11 years old. 578 more words