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11 Facts About Pandas

1. 99% of a panda’s diet consists of bamboo.

2. Young panda’s eat their own mother’s feces.

3. Pandas have lived on Earth for nearly 3 million years. 112 more words


The Toronto Zoo Snapshots

August 2016

Toronto Zoo, Toronto Ontario

Canon Rebel T5i

35mm, 75mm – 300mm

The Toronto Zoo

Olive Dee Photography

Goeie Maandagmore !

Welcome to another week!  For those of us in the eastern half of the U.S., the temperatures are predicted to be a welcome 5-10 degrees cooler than the last several weeks, but the bad news is that the Old Farmer’s Almanac is predicting a more ‘brutal’ winter with heavier than usual snowfall.  635 more words


Baby pandas

Baby pandas are just as cute as any other baby animal. I just learned that they are born blind. I feel bad for them because they can’t see their mother or any other pandas. 75 more words

Bei Bei The Baby Panda Just Took His First Waddly Steps

Maybe it was hard for you to gather the will to get out of bed this morning because you were just so damn comfy. But consider Bei Bei, won’t you? 111 more words