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When Molehills become Mountains

It’s rare in healthy adulthood for us to remember or appreciate what it feels like to be an infant who can’t roll over. To be a six-month-old who can’t grasp that tantalizing object just beyond his reach. 888 more words

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The Voice of John

If you’re a woman, what would you do if someone raped and impregnated you? As a girl growing up, I found some security in the thought if I were ever so attacked, I could get an abortion. 1,193 more words


Watermelon Sticks: Simple to Cut, Easy to Eat—for All Ages!

How do you slice your watermelon? Even though it’s been a staple in my summer diet for the past nearly 70 years, it took until this summer when some of our kids’ friends came over for dinner to learn what you may have known for 70 years—a super simple, quick method for slicing and serving watermelon in a way that makes it neat, easy to hold, and easy to eat without a lot of juice dripping down your arm or getting your face wet. 178 more words

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We-Centered or Me-Centered

Eva was only 8 months older than Nora, but at 16 months of age, that gap in development was great. Nora was barely crawling. Eva was walking and very verbal. 669 more words


Walls of Time

I have been going to the Goodwill for as long as I can remember. It has to do with the search and the unpredictability of the venture. 746 more words

Major Steps for Hydro!

Got the hydroponic garden started, the brains and muscles of the PCB factory got delivered,

Baby Pictures

Later today, there will be pics of the seeds in their new nursery. 169 more words


Thread Art Baby Portrait F.O.

This is a qualified finish. I still need to quilt the border and bind the edges. But the creative work is essentially done. I chose to use echo lines to quilt the background. 180 more words