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Nuthin' Cuter - I WANT One!

This’ll bring out the nurturing cuddlies in an ol’ black-hearted pirate!
Make sure you’re sound is up and you’ve got to watch to the end.


Adventure: Some Mid-Week Cuteness

Attention, attention: this is very important. Are you paying attention? ARE YOU?! Well, a few weeks ago my cousin was in town and we went to the zoo and met the new baby polar bear, Humphrey. 126 more words

Side Projects & Adventures

Baby Polar Bear (IMAGE)

1) Unlike some other at-risk mammals (such as tigers and rhinos), hunting is not the biggest threat to polar bears right now. They used to be heavily hunted, from the 1600s right through to the mid-1970s, but then strict regulations were agreed internationally to protect the survival of the species. 397 more words


Baby polar bear eats camera, adorableness ensues

Today in squee news, the Toronto Zoo’s baby polar bear melted hearts across the country as he ate up a bowl of… something…  and attempted to eat the camera filming him.  15 more words

The 14 Most Important Internet and Entertainment Trends of 2014

1. Baby polar bears will replace kittens as the most popular internet animal.  Thanks to this article by Mashable, the world has been exposed to polar bear cubs.  346 more words