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I was so excited to get little Elizabeth and Adalynn into the studio.  They were already nearly a month old, but since they were born early, they still loved to sleep!   46 more words

Newborn Giuliana

Such a beautiful little six-day old girl who was a champ as we switched her from prop to prop to prop!

Newborn Grayson

Handsome Grayson had a little heart flutter and was required to wear a monitor to be checked 24/7.  It didn’t bother him at eight days old and he did awesome!   11 more words

Hunter Cake Smash

This cute little guy had quite a bright cake to smash today and he loved it!

Tiny Valentines Photo Shoot

Boy did we have fun last weekend. This is the second year in a row that I have done a playgroup photo shoot for Valentines Day and the response this year was incredible! 59 more words


Newborn Addison

Sweet Addison was 14 days old and such a cutie.