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The Baby Seal Lives!

I received many inquiries (well, actually, two) about the fate of the baby seal whose life I cruelly put on the line in my exceedingly crass email appeal on Tuesday night. 119 more words

Baby Seal

Found Some Friends in the Marina

Today was the first day over 80 degrees in a long time so we decided to head towards the water.  We went to Chace Park in Marina Del Rey, a nice little seaside park with hills and bridges throughout, a perfect spot for big wheels.   229 more words

Baby Seal for a Busy Week

This week hasn’t been particularly crazy, but it was definitely lacking in time to blog.  To make it up to you, I humbly offer this picture of a baby seal: 65 more words

Things That Make Me Happy

Baby Seal Goes For A Stroll

Sometimes towns can be attractive to Wild Life, as evidenced by the Baby Seal who went for a stroll through Halifax.


A seal and a dog - best friends

The seal found itself a new cuddle buddy in the shape of a yellow labrador! How cute is that?