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Land of a Thousand Dolphins - Kaikoura, New Zealand

Don’t Skip Kaikoura

Many people who have traveled to New Zealand (or are planning to) have never heard of Kaikoura. Located a few hours north of Christchurch on the South Island, many drive by it on road trips, not knowing more of it than being a whaling and fishing town. 778 more words

Baby Seal

Baby Seal's big adventure

Baby Seal got up on Saturday in an untimely fashion. He had set his alarm for 6:30 AM so that he would have plenty of time to veganize, shave, and leisurely pedal to the Donut Ride in an immaculate sealskin, where he would be admired by all and sundry prior to tearing their legs off. 928 more words

Donut Ride

Police Help Capture 'Navy Seal' Found Wandering On Busy Road

YARMOUTH (CBS) – A marine creature found in Yarmouth wandered so far from home, police are speculating it must be a Navy seal.

Late Friday night, Yarmouth Police responded to Route 6A to help rescue a baby seal. 82 more words


Summation of a month in the Arctic

The alk phos kept coming up high

And the local docs can’t tell me why

And the TSH low?

It’s just part of the show… 486 more words

Alaska Adventure

Paper cut - Graphic Short.

Paper cut.


You were like the paper cut that never healed.

A fake relationship, you weren’t real.

Something that shouldn’t have happened.

Clubbed to death like a baby seal.

© G.P Williamson 2017

Short Poems