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Toddler Tantrums

Toddler tantrums – the bane of every parents’ existence. Tolerable (just) in the privacy of your own home, cringe-worthy at the very least when out in public. 525 more words

M Is For Mama

7 UK Baby Shows to Get People Talking About Your Brand

Baby show sounds like fun? Get real!

It’ll be two or three days of being on your feet, nursing an aching back, getting too hot, feeling uncomfortable, and repeating your story more times than you even care to remember by the time the doors close. 804 more words


Finding a best friend

I have had a few best friends through life, as I am sure we all have. From the 5 year old pal at primary school to the teenager that covered for you when you snuck out of the house to go see your boyfriend. 526 more words

Baby Show

101 things you can do with a baby carrier

I’m writing sitting in the garden. It’s 8.47am and already warm. It’s looking like a beautiful day. Little D is snoring gently in the baby carrier and I’ve just been watering the garden: something I wasn’t sure I’d be able to do today. 287 more words


Week 20 - Hi ho hi ho, off to the baby show we go!

I’m half way this week, 20 weeks down and haven’t some of them been LONG!!! Pixie is the length of a banana, about 26cm long from head to toe. 746 more words