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The Baby Squirrel

When we went out last Thursday morning for our too-early first walk of the day, Cricket found something. At first I thought it was a dead mouse. 1,951 more words


The Eastern Gray Squirrel

Eastern grays are ubiquitous in Minnesota. They are everywhere and are one of the few species that thrive in the midst of urban sprawl. For some people squirrels are seen as pests, running around inside the walls of their house and stealing bird seed out of feeders. 440 more words

Wildlife Rehab

Baby Squirrel

It has been a lovely warm day, but I have been indoors sorting out the piles of paperwork that have accumulated over the last couple of weeks; I also did the end of month figures. 210 more words


Ribbon Falls and Bear Encounter

Was planning on hiking Galatea, only to find out that it’s closed for environmental reasons. Suppose a lesson in checking trail reports instead of just trailpeak before heading into the mountains, but we were in Kananaskis with a closed trail and no plan. 601 more words

Wild Animals as Pets

For two years I have been a volunteer with my local wildlife rehabilitation facility and this year they have made me a part-time paid staff member. 1,235 more words

Wildlife Rehab Weekly

Double your fun

The sycamore-lined entrance path to Weltz Park is booming with baby squirrels — at least three in one tree, and these two in another.

Curious and cute, at least for now they’re sticking close to their tree-cavity homes.