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Feeding the Birds

This month has been pretty exciting watching the bird feeder. Over the winter it was 90% Black-capped chickadees (plus 5% Blue Jays and 5% Downy Woodpeckers) but the chickadees are rarely seen now, popping by briefly before sundown. 216 more words



My husband & I were at the end of our hike when we happened upon a mom, dad & daughter carrying 4 small squirrels between them. 80 more words

Weekly Photo Challenge

2 Tales: a written documentary of two orphaned squirrels

They opened their eyes! And what a miracle it was!

We were more than lucky to be there during one of their feedings when they slowly pushed their eyelids open to this strange bright world. 238 more words

Pleasure of Touch

Who doesn’t like to touch and be touched? Physiologist tell us mammals experience a flood of oxytocin when they (and we) touch those we care about. 24 more words


2 Tales: a written documentary of 2 orphaned squirrels

On a familiar clear sunny day something strange fell out the sky. One and then the other. No one knows why or how they fell out the sky but that they were in need of help. 554 more words

Love Attaches - haiku by Dennis Allen Lange

Hand raising
Baby squirrels is
Heart warming.


photo by Wendy Cox at


* The haiku I write are lines of 3-5-3 syllables instead of 5-7-5. 20 more words