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Achievement Unlocked: Baby Squirrel Rescue

As the weather near 70 degrees on Friday, I decided to go for a walk around a park instead of going to the gym. I put my earbuds in and listened to music as I walked down Carnation Avenue. 1,216 more words


Taking Down A Widow-Maker

Last spring, several steady, soaking rains caused a couple of large trees to uproot and fall to the ground down in the canyon, just below our house. 1,538 more words


Squirrely Business

I finished the roof on the squirrel house, and the fluff has started eating, too!

Also, I think I found where his family lives. And the good news of that is- his parent(s) might still actually be alive! 135 more words


Baby Squirrels!!!

Do you know the impact of cutting trees?? Due to this, twin baby squirrel were orphan. By God grace they got new home. 


Mushi: A Rescue Story

Spring brought forth a natural rock concert in all its glory. The sparrow family looked smug over its fledged brood, while the pigeon family was having a tough time with their extra rebellious nestling. 646 more words


Learning To Speak Squirrel

The week after we acquired Punkin, a five-week-old female squirrel, I received a call about taking in another orphaned squirrel. “Why not?”, I thought to myself. 1,741 more words