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My Daughter is Raised by a Community

I have never prided myself as a Supermom.

The first time I bathed my baby was when she was 13 months old.

That was also the time I cleaned up my baby’s poo. 690 more words


Preconception Chronicles: Accumulating Essentials

So, I mentioned in my About Me that I’m a prepper. Not in the “preparing for the world to go to shit” kind (we’re already there folks), but the kind that does inordinate amounts of research and tries to do as much as I can prior to the event in question. 1,198 more words

Reproductive Technologies

Mom Hacks: Car Seats

Since I have a lot of friends who are either brand new moms or currently pregnant, it was pretty perfect timing that Reviews.com reached out to share with me some of the research and findings surrounding car seat choices. 382 more words


Best Kiddie Toothbrush (So Far)

One of the things I told myself as a first time mom is that I’ll take good care of my son’s teeth.  I don’t want him to end up like me when I was a kid lol… 767 more words

Udder Good Stuff

2 Black and Red Teether Toy Pacifier Clip Baby Girl or Boy Star Beaded Silicone Teething Toy and Pacifier Clip Light.


 I have been putting together a baby shower “basket” for my nephew and his wife and got this to throw in there.  I like that it is unisex. 210 more words

Baby Swaddle Blanket

2 Pack Silky Soft 100% Bamboo Babies Blankets

I got these for my nephew and his wife who are expecting. They are so so so soft. 77 more words

Round 4

I had my consultation with my doctor today regarding our next steps since the 3 IUI cycles failed. Turns out DH’s sperm count was on the low side and my egg reserves are also abnormally low, which may be why we’re struggling so much. 81 more words

Baby Stuff