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10 WAHM Confessions

1: When on the phone with a client, sometimes LO wakes up and needs to be fed after a 5 hr (amazing) nap. I close the door and have to let her cry because it’s an important client. 300 more words

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How to Soothe a Colicky Baby

Once Brinlee turned one month old she started becoming very fussy multiple times in the day. Going from a calm temperament to sporadic cries had both Mark and I baffled. 310 more words


33 weeks pregnant!

I am almost 33 weeks pregnant, bumping along, only 7 weeks left until the due date. Thinking more and more about birth, especially because I’m reminded of proximity of labour every time I get a fake contraction, aka a Braxton-Hicks contraction. 1,031 more words


Happy Anna Lily Day!

A sappy thing I wrote for Anna Lily a week after she was born:

“Hi Anna Lily,

Yes, that’s your name! You are healthy, happy and sleeping as I am typing this out at 9:41 am. 729 more words

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How to Get the Baby-Joy Back

Baby is not conscious of being baby. Baby want to play. Baby smile all day because Baby not know it Baby. It not know it is separate from its Mother. 191 more words

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Anakku Kutuan

Haishhhh problematika macam apa ini, tiba2 aja di hari pertama libur sekolah beberapa waktu lalu, mendapat berita bahwa anak saya kutuan di rambutnya. Oh my goshhh….i thought lice is simply extinct, apparently not. 104 more words

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On sale ! Preloved baby stuff (update)


Saya tambahin harga jualnya ya buat bahan pertimbangan. Sebenernya untuk harga jual bisa di liat dari list saya disini, tapi biar gampang ini saya tulis aja hehe. 338 more words