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Oh my god oh my god

I’m so ashamed to say this, but it — IT — not Clown-IT, no euphemism for pregnancy this time, but IT-IT, happened.

Baby E. slept through the night. 172 more words

Day 86 - trinity of "firsts"

Although I feel like today has been a pretty standard day, I have actually got three different “firsts” to report. 436 more words

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Top 5 "Go To" Baby Gear for New Moms

Before I became a mom, I would roam the aisles at Target or Babies R Us to buy baby shower gifts for friends and to say I was overwhelmed and confused by all the “baby gear” is an understatement. 1,037 more words


Playing with a Two-Month Old

If it doesn’t seem like there are too many ways to play with a baby under 3 months… it’s because there aren’t.  I can only speak from my experience with Lacey, but she is not really interested in toys just yet.  421 more words


Hold this

One of my 350 favourite things about having a baby so far is being able to give him over to other people. Not in a kind of “ 225 more words

Baby Stuff

Day 84 - training it

F. and I have been really busy and gotten around much in recent months. But we haven’t done too much travelling yet. 168 more words

Baby Stuff

Tube yesterday, gone today

In light of all my blather about nose tubes yesterday, I thought it would be nice to show off the difference the removal of a feeding tube makes. 33 more words