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Preparing for Postpartum



There’s a lot of focus on labor and birth–understandably, because it’s an amazing, intense, joyous, strenuous, life-altering experience.

However… it’s the short part. Postpartum is the long part, and there are many things to think about and do during pregnancy that could help it be a little smoother. 759 more words

2017 State of the Kid


Pardon the mucous, but I’ve just come down with my third cold of the season. I should be used to this,  first for having a suppressed immune system, and second for having a kid who attends Early Childhood classes* during flu season. 536 more words

Baby Busy Blanket

I made this blanket for my nephew with scraps of fabric that I already had. Some were from previous projects, old clothes and his dad’s Navy uniform. 47 more words


The Snot Sucker

There are so many inventions that I’ve learned about since I’ve had a baby. Most of them seem unnecessary. But I’ve definitely caved and bought a few (and written about the ones I discovered in the first weeks of having Flo).   227 more words

Eighteen Weeks - Sick Baby- The 411


On the day my baby turned 18 weeks, at the exact hour, we were sitting in the Children’s ER getting dexymethasone for a Croup diagnosis. 313 more words

Single Mother By Choice

Plagiocephaly Helmet: 2nd Month Follow Up

Last week we went to my son’s 2nd month follow up for his helmet. We were expecting his Orthotist to tell us he doesn’t have to wear his helmet anymore. 158 more words

Baby Stuff

If you want to spend more money for extra baby stuff better put them aside on a bank baby account - your child will be grateful to you later on!

The holiday season is over! My older son is back to school, my younger daughter passed through her colic time and finally started sleeping more or less bearable and giving some rest to my arms and back thus here we go to my lovely ‘caboosemama’ with some free time now keeping busy my fingers. 455 more words