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Because I am Lazy.

We bought a second car seat.

It took us over a month to install the first one in the minivan. There is no way on this earth that I was going to move it to the Husband’s car when we decided to take the more comfy ride instead. 229 more words


Minky blanket

You can notice that it’s sewn from the same fabric as my nursing pillowcase so they create a very pretty set for newborn baby – e.g. 181 more words

Baby Stuff

Nursing pillow

I’m expecting a baby and I think it’s natural that many things I sew is baby – related and so is my first pillow: a nursing pillow. 80 more words

Baby Stuff

How Motherhood Changed Me...

I remember going back from the hospital after giving birth to our baby girl.

It was such an overwhelming moment.

You feel awash with a sense of responsibility. 519 more words


Serba – serbi MPASI Part 2: Alasan memilih MPASI Beku / Frozen Food

Heyhooo… Melanjutkan postingan sebelumnya, kali ini saya mau coba sharing tentang alasan kenapa saya memilih untuk memberikan Sekar MPASI Beku / Frozen Food, di antaranya: 420 more words


Yay! Potty Trained

Certain book titles like “How to Potty Train your Child in Just Three Days” seem to be something out of reach, but my little girl proved me wrong. 555 more words


8 am

It’s been quite a stressful week. Work was incredibly taxing and DH and I had to be up early to attend an event this morning. This week I was feeling excessively tired but figured it was from pulling a few 10-hour days at work. 366 more words

Baby Stuff