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And now, a Very Special Eff This Ess Post

Lovely summery days here. We took a walk this past weekend and passed through a playground in one of our local city parks this past weekend, and we were pleasantly surprised to see they had put in a special adaptive swing. 256 more words

5 things to do during maternity leave (pre-baby)

I began my maternity leave two weeks ago, with my due date expected for tomorrow. I would have left work even later had I been able to, in order to enjoy as much time as possible with my newborn after it’s born. 1,004 more words


Diaper Bag Essentials: Keeping it simple & complete

Parents tend to overpack for their children most of the time when we leave the home (especially for first time parents). Well, it’s better to overpack than leave some of your child’s important things right? 738 more words

Tina's Picks

Dad Moments

Saturday morning routine for me is to wake up when my alarm clock goes off.  What time is that you might be asking?  It depends.  My alarm clock on the weekend is a little girl usually just talking (read babbling) through the… 606 more words


Dirty Laundry.

Babystar loves to help me with the laundry. Too bad she sucks at it.

I stopped buying Dreft way back when Babystar was a newborn. And I also stopped buying the BumGenius diaper detergent last fall. 103 more words


Why Do I Buy Toys??

Seriously. WHY DO I BUY TOYS? Should I stop? I should stop, right?



I love my husband passionately and it was beyond sweet of him to undertake a pedicure on Sunday afternoon. It took him an hour and a half; but I have to admit that he did a remarkably good job and may regret demonstrating his ability in this area.

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