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Adventures in Earrings

She passed the mark. Two months shots done and now it’s time for the treat. Earrings. Never mind that Dad bought her her first pair of diamonds at two weeks old, before we could even think about ear adornments. 80 more words


Alice's Neapolitan Backpack

We’ve been having such a busy spring that I haven’t taken the time to record many of our projects, but I did manage to snap a few pictures of Alice’s new backpack before it begins what I’m sure will be a very tough life. 397 more words

Tips For Buying Baby Shoes

Infant’s first shoes are an important step as it means your baby is no longer crawling on the floor, but taking their first steps one at a time in an upright position. 625 more words

The Importance of Baby Hats

We all tend to get safety when it comes to our children in addition to I must declare that is totally acceptable; actually, commendable. Children need to be able to be protected. 452 more words

Peter's Pebble Vest

This is my third time knitting this vest pattern and it’s such a simple project it doesn’t really merit its own post, but it seemed like the right time for a photo shoot with Peter. 241 more words

Simple Baby Clothes Selection Tips

Are you having bother choosing baby garments because of lack of ideas? If therefore, you’re not alone as a result of thousands of people out there don’t knowledge to shop for baby garments particularly if you’re 1st time oldsters. 807 more words

Choosing Clothes for a Photoshoot

Does choosing outfits for a photoshoot totally freak you out? I teamed up with Jamie Isherwood Photography to share with you a few ideas on styling so you can spend less time worrying about what to wear and more time having fun. 455 more words