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Baby prep: The Bathroom

After finishing the laundry room the logical place for me to go was the adjoining bathroom. Now my bathroom is my most regularly cleaned room in my house. 681 more words


Baby prep: the laundry room

Nesting with Hunter was different. My biggest concern at the time was meal prep. Maybe that is because I had been preparing for him to come since my first ultrasound. 727 more words


Just pay the tax on Pampers Wipes!

June 2-8 Metro has Pampers wipes on for $2.99.  Use your $3 coupons, or claim $3 back on Checkout 51 and only pay the taxes!  Limit is 1 per Checkout 51 account.


Bloom Baby Wipes

Being a first time mommy and now soon to be mommy of two, I am always looking for the best quality of anything for my babies, especially wipes and diapers. 173 more words

Mom Life

Top Items Needed at Home Post Hospital Release

Departing the hospital with your newborn is a beautiful (and scary!) moment.  You do all you can to prepare for the little one’s arrival—your family and friends hosted a shower for you, you organized the baby’s room, you’ve probably washed all the little clothes!  608 more words


#027 ~ Q&A episode: sushi during pregnancy, getting ready for a VBAC and our most essential baby supplies

Join us as we answer your questions! Aglaée and Stephanie reunite for this special Q&A episode. We may surprise you with some of our answers! 201 more words


Getting Ready for Baby: Round 2!

I am now 16 weeks along in my second pregnancy, and each and every day I am so thankful that we will be blessed with another (hopefully full-term, healthy) baby! 396 more words