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Sweetheart Pullover

One of the wonderful ladies who works here at the Orem Public Library just had an adorable baby girl. Not only is this exciting for the brand new mother, it’s exciting for me as well since it gave me a great excuse to knit a sweater for baby! 215 more words


Spring Things and Masochistic Knitting

Today will be our first 80 F / 26 C degree day. The first real temperature change always throws me for a loop. I either over estimate or under estimate how warm or cool it’s going to get and end up dressing inappropriately. 448 more words


Between Projects

Things have calmed a bit. In the lull, I’ve been able to mess up work on finalizing the New Rugby Sweater. It should see the light of publishing next week. 475 more words


Pockets, Pockets Where Do You Go?

The big news around here is we missed the snow. I gleefully removed the covers from the lettuce, peas, and hellebore, but have refrained from tossing the delphinium seeds into the ground. 473 more words


Knitting and Nature

I was knitting along on the Feelin’ Groovy baby sweater’s sleeve, positive that I had the wrong numbers, when the weather guy on the television said the words “snow” and “5 to 12 inches” (13 to 30.5) cm. 281 more words


A Night of Knitwear Design

Progress is continuing on the Feelin’ Groovy baby sweater. For a bit, I dipped into the realm of Masochistic Designing regarding how to attach the faux pocket tops to the front of the sweater. 466 more words


Feelin' Groovy Baby Sweater a Knit in Progress

The back of the Feelin’ Groovy baby sweater is complete. I am working on the front, at the point where the pockets would be inset if I were creating real pockets. 422 more words