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Baby Talk: Parental Pressure

Have you noticed there’s a sense of pressure to enjoy certain things? I’ve written about this before in regards to summer. Summer stresses me out because you’re supposed to do all the things, soak in all the sunshine, experience all the activities… … 406 more words


First Word?

Like all mummy’s, I’ve been eagerly awaiting the day when Seth would say his first word.

And for all my research into child linguistics, I assumed, like most would, that that day would be far off into the future. 510 more words

Things My Children Have Said

Isn’t it wonderful how candid, imaginative, and surprisingly insightful children can be when you have conversations with them? For being so small, their views of the world sure are big! 276 more words


A special little smile.

    Today wasn’t the best day.

    First there was a power outage 6-7 am; my time to get ready to take Bea to the Kindy. No light, no warm shower, no cup of tea. 168 more words


    Morning Mayhem

    Ah the joys of working parenthood!

    This morning Pablo had to go to a meeting on the other end of the state by 10am and needed to leave the house by 7am. 568 more words

    Baby Talk

    Cute Arm Pits

    Is that a thing? Oh yes, yes it is … and very much so on lizards! Let’s take a look at a prime example. Here are Lil’ Murph’s pitty arms – you read that correctly. 129 more words