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How to go faster

Z wanted a second dessert.

PL told her she could, if she “poop fast fast”.

Z was about to poop as per her nightly routine after dinner. 324 more words


We Have A New Addition!

We have a new addition in the family!!!

Tomorrow, the fourth trimester will be over. Time flies! In another word, Alfie has been with us for three months. 185 more words

Baby Talk

Crystal Cats

Z’s current obsession is “Crystal Cats”.

Sorry, I mean “Aristo Cats“. The 1970 Disney animated film. (Trivia: it was the last film approved by Walt Disney before he died.) 215 more words


Short hold on the bus, it’s time for a wedding!

July 20, 2019 is the wedding day of my little brother Ben. The little brother that some of you may recognize from all of the years on this blog. 309 more words

We left... turned around... and then left again!

Bus painted? Nope. All seatbelts installed? Not yet. Couch, kitchen, bed, toilet? Not even close. We DO however have it registered, insured and ready to hit the highway legally but only able to sit one person. 631 more words

Travel Talk

Lightning crotch: Lightning crotch refers to sharp or shooting pain in the vagina, rectum, or pelvis. The pain comes on suddenly and can stop someone in their tracks.

29 more words
Baby Talk

Riddles for kids (A follow-up to "Riddles with Z")

More riddles for pre-schoolers.

Q: What do Alligators eat?
A: Gates.

Q: What do Eagles eat?
A: Girls (geddit? “E-Girls”)

Q: What do Crocodiles eat? 146 more words