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Bentley may have started eating food a year ago today, but it’s taken him until now to be able to eat 3 meals a day of solid foods. 411 more words


very good day

today was a okay. I didn’t sleep in the morning and instead I was on the computer developing a game. the second game project saw a kinda big update as fractions of the core mechanic is now resolved barebone. 266 more words

Daily Life

An Evolution of Words

This week my son, and all the fifth graders at his school, will be watching a video whose content strives to help pre-teens “understand the maturational changes they are beginning to experience and accept these changes as a normal part of growth.”  (That’s what the school note said).  394 more words

Mother's Day Rapid Fire


When I saw this post, I was wondering if people would call it weird that I have this conversation with my 3yo. My daughter is always curious to know how it was to be inside Mama’s tummy. 649 more words

Mother Bored

Chard and I are married for almost four years now and I can say, we’re doing a great job as husband and wife (so far haha)

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Stowaway Update- 31 Weeks

Stowaway is 31 weeks and two days today, less than 9 weeks until he makes his big appearance! He is about the size of a coconut, or 3.3 pounds, and is about 16 inches long. 715 more words

Baby Talk

Letter Z: Zest (AtoZ2019)

I am doing #atozchallenge2019 on my blog. Everyday in the month of April In will be doing the letters from AtoZ with the with small scenes from my WIP The Sibling Saga. 457 more words