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Short hold on the bus, it’s time for a wedding!

July 20, 2019 is the wedding day of my little brother Ben. The little brother that some of you may recognize from all of the years on this blog. 309 more words

We left... turned around... and then left again!

Bus painted? Nope. All seatbelts installed? Not yet. Couch, kitchen, bed, toilet? Not even close. We DO however have it registered, insured and ready to hit the highway legally but only able to sit one person. 631 more words

Travel Talk

Lightning crotch: Lightning crotch refers to sharp or shooting pain in the vagina, rectum, or pelvis. The pain comes on suddenly and can stop someone in their tracks.

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Riddles for kids (A follow-up to "Riddles with Z")

More riddles for pre-schoolers.

Q: What do Alligators eat?
A: Gates.

Q: What do Eagles eat?
A: Girls (geddit? “E-Girls”)

Q: What do Crocodiles eat? 146 more words


Riddles with Z

Riddles at the level of kids are silly, but entertaining.

Here are some we (Pl & I) came up with Z.

Q: Where do Koalas come from? 63 more words


Parenting Problems (version 539)

I know, I’m sorry it’s yet another post about the boy….but he’s just such a joy to be round I want to talk about him all the time (you really cannot do sarcasm in text) to be fair I am slightly hysterical and after a day yesterday with a friend with a little boy the same age it’s both reassuring and entertaining that it’s not just me that goes through this…. 1,301 more words


That Indescribable Love

When my Son was first born, I had so many doubts and regrets.

I was in pain, my nipples were scabbed and bleeding, and now I had this precious, screaming, crying little lump. 288 more words

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