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How to prepare your family for a baby?

News of the arrival of a baby in the house is led by joy which can quickly then turn into nervousness and the beginning of pandemonium. 579 more words


Music and how it helps growth of child!

Sharing music with your baby is an experience you cannot miss on, calm and soothing sounds always make a baby happy and in the first year through interaction with music can help set the stage for lifelong musical development. 161 more words


Must Do Test & Scans for a baby

Congratulations on starting your journey towards parenthood. The following is a list of tests and scans that are recommended for most mothers.


9 Tips to Sleeping Better!

A ScioMom Guide to a good night sleep.


Pregnancy comes with its own set of disturbances especially when it comes to sleeping! This could be due to anxiety and stress, hormonal fluctuations, and physical discomfort.  554 more words


The baby things I love..

..which I didn’t think I would..

Our little one is at that age where he’s kind of interested in toys, but mainly for the purpose of shoving them in his mouth. 775 more words


Nano: Travel stroller review

Are you traveling with kids soon and looking for the perfect travel stroller?

If you are looking for a stroller that you can fit on the airplane without gate check, put your baby down for a nap in and have easy transport, this is for you! 523 more words


How I trained my dog to be around a baby

Shortly after I found out I was pregnant with our baby I started to think about our dog and ways to train her to be good around our baby, and other kids as well. 1,536 more words

Baby Things