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Special Days

I’m starting to get excited for the summer now!  I have just submitted the last big piece of work I had to get done before the end of July, and it is just tidying up loose ends at the day job next week. 345 more words


My Ultimate Guide To Potty Training - Part 2

If you have read my previous post on potty training, you pretty much know about my experience of it and that i began just before we were travelling! 1,685 more words

Baby Things

My Ultimate Guide To Potty Training - Part 1

I finally went through the most dreaded part of parenting a few months ago. Potty training. Well not completely through it. It’s a long process for sure but we are almost there and quite happy with the progress Alhumdulillah! 1,060 more words

Baby Things

Top Free Potty Training Apps That I Used For My Daughter

As by now everybody knows that i am quite an “app” kind of a person. I need an application for everything ( I request my husband to make one’s that i don’t find 😛 ). 312 more words

Baby Things

Things I love as a new mommy

My little baby is almost 3 months old. He will be 3 months on the 7th of July! I feel like he is just growing so fast! 141 more words

Baby Things

Six things at six weeks

The Boy is now six weeks old and already I look at him and think “Gosh he’s so grown up now” now I’m not stupid I know he’s going to get a lot bigger and will eventually become a full sized human but compared to when he was born he seems massive. 817 more words


Sleeping arrangements

We’re finally getting somewhere with the sandman. Our baby Leigh is 11-weeks-old and nowhere near sleeping through the night, but that’s okay. Most nights he falls asleep between 8 to 9pm and wakes up for a mid-night nursing at 1am. 671 more words