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Bump news

We’re in the countdown of 3ish months till the baby arrives. People have been asking me if I am “freaking out” yet. I’m not sure what exactly I am supposed to freak out about, there are too many things I could stress over. 568 more words


Finding Our Groove

Oh hai! For anyone reading who is preggers or has a newborn, I just wanted to tell you, 5 months is definitely the golden month. Life has gotten so much easier for us. 488 more words


Relinquishing Control

Oh hey. It’s your favourite once-a-week blogger in the house. I should really write more often, but due to some unforeseen circumstances, I actually do this parenting thing now, like, full time. 626 more words


The Best Feeling EVER/Update on Transitions

The best feeling in the world is selling your newborn items. In the last couple of weeks, we’ve gotten rid of our infant car seat, the bassinet and stand, as well as a couple small items like the K’Tan wrap and Snoogle pillow. 331 more words


Snow Day Randomness

Hi. Anyone else weirded out that my last post’s title was a David Bowie song and then he died? I feel like I cursed him. I like to internalize things and feel all the guilt. 465 more words



Happy New Year bitches! I hope you’re all loving 2016 so far. Without getting into specifics, I can tell you my 2016 thus far has been complete and utter shit. 485 more words


Strap on that Feedbag!

Happy holidays friends! Are you all soooooo relaxed and well rested? Bahaha…no you’re not. We’re all parents. This time of year sucks more than usual for those encumbered with children. 582 more words