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21 weeks, 3 days

21 weeks, 3 days. March 21, 2017.

Second day of spring! It’s snowing here, of course. Typical northern New England behavior in March. Today’s thoughts: 622 more words


Stroller Considerations, Round 2

I started this post yesterday afternoon while researching strollers and did not expect to have an answer by midnight. It’s a long saga, but I’m including it here for the record. 1,004 more words


More Baby Things: Crib, Seat

Since S is working (from home, of course), I’m just enjoying my Saturday browsing baby stuff and making lists. It’s at least productive and fun. Soon I’ll go for a run (once the Irish Soda bread digests – yum). 379 more words


Stroller Considerations

Consider this just a brainstorming list. I’ve been browsing strollers, trying not to be overwhelmed, and without seeing any in person, I think these are the features I want in a stroller: 240 more words

Second Trimester

Baby is a ...


I’m thrilled! My original guess (at like 7 weeks) had been girl, but then as time went on, I started to assume baby would be a boy. 191 more words

Second Trimester

20 weeks, 2 days

20 weeks, 2 days. March 13, 2017.

Ah, in the 20s – it feels good. I’m not yet at the point of being uncomfortable, and I’m only slightly emotional. 540 more words


7/31 Club - Lunch for 6

Today was a day of hilarity for  us and those that were at Pizza Finca!

Victoria is about 20 days from having her baby and Karen decided we should have lunch together before the big day.   243 more words

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