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That 3 Month Sweet Spot

3 months is where it’s at guys. We’ve survived the “fourth trimester,” and H is no longer a newborn. Here’s why 3 months is my current jam. 519 more words


My 4 am Freak Out

Allow me to begin by saying having a hands on husband is a double-edged sword. And with that, I will now share my story.

I had quite the scare last night when I went to give H his nightly feed. 290 more words


Playpen/ baby prison  .... YES OR NO? NO NO NO !  

In principle it’s a great idea. You have something where you can put your baby when you want to use the toilet, tidy up, have a shower … In practice it’s a waste of money ! 209 more words


Toddler Girl Infinty Scarf

Making a scarf for my daughter has been on my to-do list for well over a year. Now that fall has arrived, I decided she simply cannot go without a scarf this year! 229 more words


Baby knits - cardigan

Before Finlay was born, I started knitting some cute little newborn trousers and a tank top in gorgeous baby cotton. For several reasons – baby coming a bit early, illness and finding our feet as new parents – I didn’t get these items finished until Finlay could no longer fit into them unfortunately. 300 more words

Home Made

Embracing the Now

This weekend H turns 2 months old. So prepare yourself for a cliche “time slow down” post, mmmkay?

As you all probably already know from previous blog posts, I’m not crazy about the newborn phase. 307 more words


That Daddy Magic

Does anyone else have a husband that has magical powers? Mine does. A friend of mine coined the term “daddy magic,” (at least I think she did), and straight up, that shit is real. 119 more words