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A Guide to Weaning!

It’s important for you to give your baby nutritious foods and drinks during mealtimes. Breast milk and formula give babies all the calories and nutrients they need until they are about 6 months old. 215 more words


Vaccines your child must have!

Vaccines help develop immunity against one or multiple disease in tandem with the natural defences of your baby own immune system.

Vaccines should always be given on the recommendation of your doctor and it’s critical that expiry dates are always checked for every vaccine given to babies. 325 more words


Breastpumps: How to & Why

A pump can be a very useful tool for a new mother to have even if she intends to exclusively breastfeed her child.

How to use: 356 more words


Diaper Bag Essentials

We’ve got you a list you can save forever!

Hope this helps sort your life!

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Father child bonding activity

How does a child recognise their father right after birth. The father-son and father-daughter relationships don’t need to start from Age 3 or 5 but can start right from the womb. 281 more words


Best Foot Forward: Babylovebird’s Go-To Booties from BirdRock Baby

Chloe’s closet is becoming almost larger than Mommy and Daddy’s- and that’s not including shoes. Not an easy feat to beat us. Let’s face it- baby shoes are impossible to keep on and you constantly have to watch to make sure you don’t lose one! 260 more words


Life as a Momma

A lot has happened over the past year! I am way behind on my posts and for one big reason, we had a baby boy! He is so precious and adorable, he hogs all my time and all the good photo ops. 2,279 more words