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4 months without 1 week - the first real road trip

Audrey and we came back from a five days road trip :)

We loooove traveling and decided to make sure Audrey gets used to it early. 226 more words

The only gear you need for baby sleep when travelling

When you first have a baby the last thing on your mind is travelling and getting away from, it all. Truth be told you may need to get away to see family. 935 more words

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Travel tips with a baby - airport and flight

I’m an ex air hostess of 15 years. You could call me a travel expert. I’ve been carting my little ones around the world for many years. 1,166 more words

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Travel Glamour with baby (it's possible!)

Having kids definitely changes the type of clothes you wear but it doesn’t mean you cant look just as good as you did pre-kids.

For me, I’m happiest when I feel good about myself. 924 more words

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All you need to know for your first trip with baby.

My first child was 6 weeks old when I took my first solo trip with him. We got our first vaccination needle and headed to the airport. 1,865 more words

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Walk on the grass baby !!!

Another road trip with the little one (16 months old), very non adventurous one in terms of meltdowns :). She was much more prepared and so was mommy, we got her very excited for the car ride and promised her that we can spot a number of red buses (current favorite) on the way.   144 more words

The baby carrier: BabyBjorn Original

Our first trip to Europe after having a baby required a lot of planning. The smallest traveller needed the biggest suitcase. Our biggest worry was that the stroller wouldn’t make it to our destination! 255 more words

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