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An Expat Mum Without Her 'Village'.

It’s well known that being a single mum is tough and we often hear of the struggles these hard working women face but a lot of them will admit they rely on the support from their family and friends to help them raise their child, as do couples with children. 760 more words


Hiking with a baby (Embrace the adventure - part 2)

From the very beginning of the 15 kilometers, we struggled with the flooded pathway. After less than 10 steps I slipped clumsily into a mud pit. 840 more words


Embrace the adventure - Part 1

When you are going somewhere, but you don’t know what is going to happen, you don’t know the difficulties you will encounter and you don’t know if you will experience joy, exhaustion or fear – that is when you have an adventure ahead of you. 969 more words


Must See Stops on the Ring Road with Kids

Iceland’s ring road is an incredible and memorable family vacation.  We just returned from a 2 week journey around the whole country.  Here is what not to miss when traveling with your kids. 1,067 more words


Baby Travel 'Must Have' Items - Tried and Tested.

The thought of traveling with a baby can often put a lot of people off. There are the worries about disrupting routines, the stress and uncertainty about what baby essentials will be available for you at the arrival destination or what you need to bring with you and not to mention the anxiety about how well your baby will travel. 847 more words


How to help your children have a sleep pattern. Months 1st to 24th

​My little one Standing at an age of 27 months made the mother in me realise that apart from the well known parameters to measure a child growth ie height ,weight and head circumference there a big daddy of all units. 844 more words


how to do long road trips with a baby

My Experience

So it’s been awhile since my two month trip home but I have been super busy adjusting back to the time difference, getting ready to go back to work and now being back at work. 1,108 more words