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ready, set... two!

Our daughter turned 2 last Friday. 2! Like every parent around the world, time now flies. Life is now measured in kid’s milestones. And not a day goes by where I don’t think ‘how is it ‘x’ month already?!’. 225 more words


Pintxos with a baby in San Sebastian

17th December – Day 46

The penutimate stop of our French tour. Our first stay in Spain. It was my second time in San Sebastian which reminded me even more why writing these postcards is a grand idea. 194 more words

A gite in the Pyrennes

Day 41 – December 12

There was not an opportunity to buy a postcard in the mountain, but luckily we have a whole bunch spare, as we have just left Arles. 176 more words

Travelling with baby

When I say travel, most people think it’s via plane. In fact, I’ve at the moment only traveled by train, taxi and bus. Actually, it was only two days after I’d given birth that I’d traveled by bus. 745 more words


A brief bit of Arles

Day 37 – 8th December

Soooo…. after all the needless worry about planning journeys / timings we headed to Arles. An easy first stop, 2 hours from Cannes. 235 more words

Guest post for DOSE

We were very priveleged to do a guest post for DOSE, a pleasure seekers guide to wellness.

So, in case you have not seen, here is a link to the original article: … 25 more words

From Cathedral Russe with love

Day 27 – Tuesday 28th November

Much of our time in Nice has been spent resting, particularly as Rafael has been teething and a cold. Today however, we went for a final meal with Grand Patrick et Benedict. 188 more words