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How to help your children have a sleep pattern. Months 1st to 24th

​My little one Standing at an age of 27 months made the mother in me realise that apart from the well known parameters to measure a child growth ie height ,weight and head circumference there a big daddy of all units. 844 more words


how to do long road trips with a baby

My Experience

So it’s been awhile since my two month trip home but I have been super busy adjusting back to the time difference, getting ready to go back to work and now being back at work. 1,108 more words


Road tripping with my two favourite allies...

It’s been a while eh!

Since my last post I have travelled around Canada and west coast America in a tent with the family, got myself some new mummy wheels, settled back in to our apartment in California, dedicated myself back to CrossFit five times a week, lost 4lb, gained 2lb and still been trying to squeeze my ass back in my favourite pre pregnancy jeans…it’s been a memorable two months! 657 more words

What to do when your baby cries at night away from home?

Do you try to silence them immediately? Or let them cry it out?

Before anyone goes on a rampage, we don’t really do “Crying it out”, at least not in the truest sense. 1,006 more words


Travelling with your baby not that bad an idea : chapter 1 Singapore & Bali

Dear friends with kids,

I am married to a man who is a Craver for holidays. And travelling together has been a bliss.

To deep sea diving in Koh Phangan. 817 more words


Baba's first plane ride

So I may have mentioned that I was slightly pooping my pants about taking my 7 month old daughter in a plane. It might be the fine Croatian wine I’m currently slurping, but I think the whole thing went rather well. 1,017 more words


We're all going on a summer holiday

Eeeeeeek the time has come. Tomorrow I’m getting on a plane with a 7 month old child. This could go very very badly.

We left home yesterday and are currently holed up at my mother’s: closer to the airport & means we get to have a teeny tiny rest before we go as she plays with Baba while we desperately try to catch up on sleep. 762 more words